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Monday, July 11, 2016

- Its always funny when people talk about how great their mediocre pictures are till you start to point out all the shit in the background that no one seemed to notice? or how the chemistry in the picture looks like a couple might be getting a divorce rather than be celebrating their first night together as husband and wife? Thats why you pay for a photographer. Great photography isnt cheap. Just like cheap photography isnt great. 

lol I don't always quote Kanye but when I do...

- Its not a cool thing to try and steal someones significant other. I guess that was a thing back in high school but if you are over 30 and still trying to fuck up other peoples relationships, you have some mental problems.

- BTW directly insulting someone to gain the upper hand in a conversation, especially when it has nothing to do with the context, is super childish.

- Woman shaming other woman is so damn frustrating to me. Like I'm a grown ass adult and its okay to not like someone, but to bash your own kind because you personally feel threatened or insecure is so dumb.

- I mean maybe you don't know but people know when you lie. I know you think its a good one, but its not... I can see right through it and if I can see right through it someone else probably can too.

- Yeah I love food and I take A LOT of pictures of my husband.... I didn't know that was a crime.

- You know what else bothers me? When someone tries to be super righteous in the word of God but does the exact opposite IRL.. like

- You know insulting me [or anyone for that matter] is only going to make YOU seem way more ugly.

- Trusting someone 100% is the most freeing/comfortable feeling. Not having it is like jumping off a cliff with out any thing to catch you. Super dangerous.

"for whatever it’s worth, the context is that Mr. Burns was mocking Homer for having to give up his dream job at a bowling alley so he could go back to the power plant to afford taking care of a third child, so Mr. Burns put a plaque in Homers office that said “don’t forget, you’re here forever” and so Homer put pictures of Maggie over it"

- I regret throwing away all my letters I wrote in high school to friends. I should've kept them. Don't throw out your memories no matter how insignificant you feel they are, its always amazing to have something to refer back to.

- When someone has actual evidence that your lying then just stop pretending. 

- If you are creating your own grudge based on the false ideas you're giving yourself. Thats super weird and probably not the best idea so.. move on... 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the end.

this year was good to me. I feel weird ever acknowledging the good things that come around because I'm afraid the devil will catch on and really fuck shit up. I know that sounds crazy but I have 27 years on this planet and my word is good for something.

I am amazed by the people I have in my life and the support I have for the journey I choose to take.

You gotta stop being the bad guy. You HAVE to start being the good guy in every way possible. Open doors [even if you're a girl] for people that need help. Smile at everyone that comes in your path. Over tip. Give thanks. Pay it forward in anyway that you can.

I don't wish to win the lottery [though that would be real awesome] because I already think I have too much good shit going on right now that asking for more makes me feel selfish.

Take care of you skin. Really. Like right now. Go on amazon and buy some quality facial creme because NOTHING is slowing down. Nothing is stopping.

Shit is going to happen. It may be good shit or it may be bad. You can't always have good shit going on. You can try but that doesn't mean you wont ever get some of the shit that is supposed to happen in life.

I'm starting a new blog for 2015. It will be a more personal blog. I will not be neglecting this blog. Monday posts will remain. 

Go out and have fun and be careful at the same time. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm different

- You don't have to piss on my leg to show me you're the alpha male dude. Trust me I don't want your post.

- You could be the most juicy, delicious looking, ripest peach.. there's still going to be someone that hates peaches.

- I think the time to say "I'm getting too old for this shit" is when you are literally shitting your pants and for what ever reason cannot stop it. Not having control over your own bowels is another advanced adult level I hope to see very few days of

 [Pictures from the meteor shower on Saturday]

-  You know how some people hate the sound of nails on a chalk board? Well people who complain over and over about the same thing are like nails on a chalk board for me.

- No one is forcing you to read this.

- The term 'Ex' is such a weird word for me. I hate ever using it. I even sometimes refer to some of them as 'acquaintances' they aren't worth the effort in having to explain [If someones that interested to begin with] So I try to avoid all conversations if they're heading in that direction. Which is weird because I'm always the one to ask about someones history.

- Which is also important. It's always really good to learn about people so I guess I'm totally contradicting myself..

- I also think its weird that when you're constantly in some type of bad environment, moving on to a better one is still just as weird because your body is so used to the shitty environment, that even the better one doesn't feel so great either. Even though it's totally normal and good for you.

- Do you grow up and get out of a phase? I've seen people stay in the same phase [good or bad] for as long as I've known them.

- Hiding who you are is not cool man.

- The greatest thing you could ever do for yourself is BE yourself. Your personality is enough man. Be the person that is now considered a diamond and don't stop being that person because it's "too nice" Don't be afraid and don't let people tell you how you should be

Unless you're  a murderer or some kind of terrible person... then you should definitely change.

- We are the future. The people we are today are a reflection of our future. You better brace yourself.

- Every couples argument in the car is who is going too fast or too slow on the road.

- People who don't like Christmas are weird to me. It's like saying you don't like cats or dogs....

Its a dead give away that you're a glitch in the matrix....

- A lot of people have NO idea about the facial expressions they are making when in regular conversation. 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Absentee ballot

Sorry for the late post.

Holidays make it rough to keep up with anything anymore.

Starting this newly engagement has been so surreal. I have been so blessed to be welcomed into such an awesome family.

This year Scott and I spent family with the Duckworths. Starting new traditions is like some form of Christmas for me.

So many of my friends are getting married in the next coming years and I always stop and think about how just a few years ago we were all wishing about this.

Scott has been the most incredible partner I couldeve ever imagined myself with. I know everyone probably says that about their significant other but there is just something about him that makes him more special than anyone I've ever met.

Things are changing over here for Emilyisasecret.

Monday posts will be coming back with a VENGEANCE!! Along with some daily posts here and there with the airstream and Scott and I being totally weird.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello November.

When I moved to Santa Rosa Beach, I had decided to really focus hard on my photography. My goal is to be self sufficient enough by the new year to do this full time indefinitely.

These are all new new years resolutions I just claimed about 2 months ago. Photography has always been my passion but I was always brought up with the notion that "Art is a hobby... not a job"

On top of the photography, Scott and I both decided to do more traveling. Nothing crazy, just going to random events or shows. This isn't really new for Scott, he does it all the time just now he has company.

This weekend we went to the Owl-O-ween festival in Kennesaw GA. Scott thought I would really like it because they had tons of hot air balloons and owl related stuff. [Those two together... awesome] PLUS there was a competition for Pole Vaulters

[For those of you who don't know Scott is a pole vaulter and trailing for the Olympics]

We drove through Alabama and then into Georgia. On the way we stopped and saw a cute little airstream sitting on the side of the road. This one was a little older then our girl. It had that cool whale tail end.

Our vision, once we get settled here.. Is to buy a peice of land, about 2-3 acres and buy a couple airstreams for different purposes.

A small tin can village.

 This end reminds me of boba fett. In time we will have a few of these little guys. You guys are welcome to visit.

 The competition was really cute. Everyone was jumping in costume. The festival drew a lot of people so the crowd was big, 'ooh'ing and 'aww'ing over the people jumping.

 We went to atlanta for a minute to go get some amazing breakfast at this place called "The Red Eyed Mule" It was this hole in the wall [literally] small resturant. You ordered at the front and then someone would bring you your food. It was delicious. We walked around for a bit after that. We checked out the new art exhibit at the high museum of art.

Then we were off our way. Back home.