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Friday, August 13, 2010

From desire.

"If you knew you were going to die soon, what would you do? and what would your wish be after your own death?"

It was hard wasnt it? My first reaction was blank. I didnt know what to say. Naturally I asked the doctor first:

"I would go to the mountains, spend time with the indians, people closest to God" 

My answer to that was "What if you already know where you are going when you die?" 

I would travel all around the world to see my most favorite bands:

Mumford and sons
City and colour
Bon iver
Iron and wine
Death cab for cutie
Brand New
Chiddy bang
David bowie
Enter shikari
Freelance whales
Lykke Li
Noah and the whale
Of mice and men
Nickle creek
Rouge Wave
Sea wolf
The shins
Minus the bear
William fitzsimmons
School of seven bells
Many more... 

Not just anywhere, it would have to be in there home town. 

and after I passed, I would want to get permission from God to wander when I wanted to check up on the people I love, and have them know it was me somehow. I would most definitely quit my job, and take Ollie with me. How could I say no to this face? 

Mr. Fox told me he would have sex on the beach like a mad man, I agreed. I think simon is right, it would be a lot easier to sleep at night not having to worry anymore. I know this wouldnt happen, but I wouldnt want to die alone. 

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