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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey it's tidbits time.


- We love small text messages. "I love you" "I miss you" you can even add a "so much" too. Its like giving us a tiny invisible gift. 
- Understand that we have a lot of emotion built up inside, and sometimes when we have no way of expressing it, we will randomly cry one day. Don't be alarmed. Just sit there and hug us out. 
- I know you have some deep deep bubbly love down in the pit of your stomach and its been laying dormant for so long you may think you've lost it, but if you just learn that its okay to be totally romantic and all the things your dude friends seem to think is totally "gay" your girlfriend will give you the best blowie ever. 
- The most amazing feeling ive ever felt was someone's hands finding me in the middle of the night and pulling me close to them. 
- We always want to know when you are thinking of us. We have a secret fear that over time, the thought of us slowly disappears from your mind. But I know it doesn't cause if it did, then you wouldn't stick around. That doesn't mean we forget that sometimes. It also doesn't mean that you cant tell us sometimes, or all the time. 
- Be our best friends.
- Also be the dude our best friends wish they had. Cause that dude is sexy and perfect and you WANT to be that. 

If this ever sounds like we ask for to much just think of all the other things we could be asking for. Wow, we ask for you to text us sometimes and tell us sweet things sometimes. Think of all the other things people ask from us. You think the first thing we don't think of before we fall asleep isn't "I hope I make him happy" cause I have news for you. It is. How lucky of a dude you are to have someone who wakes up to the thought of you, and falls asleep wondering if they are on your mind as often as you are on theirs. Isn't that worth a few text messages/suprise "i love you's" a week?  Its not hard. really. 


-  Make a strong effort to wear make up. Im not talking about caking the shit on, or wearing it to bed. Im talking about mascara, maybe some lip gloss or chapstick even. 
- Make a strong effort to not walk out of your house looking like a train wreck. No offense but dudes want someone who looks there best at all times, and I know that can be hard if you are running late or just feeling lazy. You want him to do all the nice things for you? then it's safe to say you should make this small effort to brush your hair and wear something that looks decent. 
- sexy underwear = sexy persona 
- I know the "girly moments" will always happen even if we try hard not to let them, but if they do make them mild. and by mild really think of how you are over reacting over something silly.
- Don't yell, talk your problems out. 

Communication is so important, its probably the most important in a relationship next to trust. Yelling out a problem gets nobody no where and neither does crying, but crying is always necessary when you feel the need to. Talk to your partner about things you are having issues with and don't attack him. Show him you aren't crazy anymore by talking to him about how "iffy" you feel about that one girl who texts him 40 million times in the middle of the night. If the issue continues to happen, then you need to figure out wether or not you can deal with having that issue with him for ever. If you can you can NEVER bring up another argument over it again. If you feel like this is something you can't do, then it is best to end the relationship and move on. 


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  2. "- The most amazing feeling ive ever felt was someone's hands finding me in the middle of the night and pulling me close to them."

    OMG, those moments are like a bit of heaven!

    I couldn't agree with last your last paragraph more! Communication, communication, communication!!!