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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Im breaking at the seams.

I realize that I may only be talking about relationship stuff so I wanted to take a moment to really give you some tidbits on life in general.

- Never "borrow" money or "Lend" money to someone. Wether they are a friend or family. I know its hard because they will probably give you that speech about how they would do it for you. Just ignore it, or lie and say you can't for financial reasons of your own. If you still choose to lend money, keep in mind that it isn't a pay back even if the other party is pleading that they will pay you back. It ruins things. If you do borrow money, pay it back and make that your first priority when you get paid. Its rude and a real dick move to brag about how you are doing all these fun things and willingly ignoring paying someone back. I hear what you do on the weekends, don't lie to me.

- If you have a friend and said friend is really enthusiastic about certain things that you really aren't that excited about, just smile and pretend you are. I hate when I'm totally excited about something and the other person is looking at me like im a crazy lunatic for being totally obsessed with colored markers.

- Why the hell is it so hard for people to step out of the box? Even for family or friends who have known me longer then anyone its like a chore for someone to help out. Help your friends out with things with out them having to ask you first. Vacuum there room and make there bed before you leave their house, wash your filthy dishes you ate out of, offer to mow there lawn or something. If I openly explain how rough of a time I'm having with something don't just nod, fucking help me jesus.

- Don't bad mouth family. It's okay if you have that creepy cousin, and you talk to your bestie about it. Don't bad mouth people who have helped you for years. If you have a problem with someone, explain the issue to them and them only. You don't need to round up a fucking family army, this isn't going to be some scene from 300. You settle your differences and thats it. If you can't build a bridge and get over it, Fine that doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer because you can't get over your own hump.

- Here is how you know you are fully addicted to something: If what ever you are doing a lot of starts to effect someone else other then yourself, then you have an addiction. Cut that shit out, it's just not healthy at all.

- Learn to admit when you are wrong. You can't always be right, everyone that gets into an argument with you can't possibly be wrong so before you start being all righteous you should stand back to see someone else's point of view. Even if you are still right, you should acknowledge that you understand someone else's way of thinking.

- There are times when I see certain people, and with out even getting to know them, I already know I'm not going to like them. That doesn't stop me from being polite. It also doesn't stop me from trying to prove myself wrong. In other words, you don't have to like someone just to be polite to them, nobody is asking you to be best friends or anything and honestly who wants to be the person who is sitting alone in the back making it totally obvious that you have a stick up your ass.

I am a giant hypocrite after writing all of these I find these things are the most difficult for me to get past sometimes.

I find myself listening more and more to this band:



  1. I 1,000,000% agree with everything you said. It's like you took the thoughts out of my head!

  2. I want to be your friend irl. I feel like I do a lot of the things that you do and I wish people I knew treated me that way too. My big thing is being polite - I hate people who right off the bat make a decision to not like someone and go with it. I, myself, am a very quiet person, so loud people sort of make me shirk back. This doesn't mean I am going to be outwardly rude to them or stare them down like they're some sort of animal. asdfghjkl