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Saturday, August 14, 2010

proper etiquette for facebook

The Dos And Don'ts Of Facebook:

Rule #1: Don't tag yourself in your own pictures. We know its you, and even if someone didnt, all they would have to do is see who made the folder.

Rule #2: Don't use single lettering to shorten a sentence. Ex: "Sally n me r going to the mall". It just makes you look brainless and lazy.

Rule #3: Don't post status updates/pictures/notes if its something you clearly don't want to be commented on.

Rule #4: Do post your best and most appealing pictures.

Rule #5: Don't comment a million times on your boyfriend/girlfriends page. It makes you look psychotic.

Rule #6: If you are the type of person that has a boyfriend/girlfriend that is either new, or you keep coming back to, your best bet is to just leave your status as "It's complicated". It doesn't look good on your part to be in and out of relationships.

Rule #7: Don't put something as a status update strictly to piss someone else off, it makes you look really immature.

Rule #8: Do change your relationship status when you are in a committed relationship with someone because that shit is annoying. No one likes to openly ask there boyfriend/girlfriend to change there relationship status. We also don't like to be stuck in that limbo.

Rule #9: Don't do the mirror picture. Wether you are female or male, just don't.

Rule #10: Don't post a million of the same picture.

Rule #11: Do spell correctly as much as you can. I know touch screen can fuck it up sometimes, but please try and spell correctly.

Rule #12: Do friend people you initially don't want to be friends with but are curious about.

Rule #13: However, Do NOT add said person just to start drama.

Rule #14: Do post your music of the day.

Rule #15: Don't post a ton of videos in 1 day. Its not that I don't enjoy them, my brain just cant hold that much, I only get to 1-2 videos 3 at a maximum.

Rule #16: Don't over photoshop/picnic/whateverelseitisyouusetomakeyourpictureslooklikeyouareanorangealien.

Rule #17: Do send out an invite once. You know, so you can get some actual human interaction?

Rule #18: Don't post status updates about how you are going out cause its ladies night, and everyone should join you. cheap drunk fuck.

Rule #19: Don't post the same status update a billion times. once or twice is enough.

Rule #20: Don't openly post your sexual encounters. Its just raunchy and gross and something that should be kept private. No its not cause im jealous, trust me, its cause I have a stomach and a mental picture of you and who ever else you are fucking, and neither of those two mix well.


  1. LOL this is hilarious!! I love it!! :0)

  2. Number 3 is one most people forget.

  3. #2 is my big hang up. i hate lazy spellers.


  4. Darn it I need to erase my facebook.