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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rolled over like a sad dog.


If you knew you were going to die soon, what would you do? and what would your wish be after your own death?

I had other questions I was thinking of asking but when I got to work today the Doctor asked me this when he arrived. I didnt know how to answer it. So I guess im just curious as to what some people would do.


  1. I'd apologize to everyone I hurt and live the rest of life with a person i love.
    My wish would be to have a headstone for my mom. she deserves it

  2. Thats really reakin hard

    I think knowing that you are gonna die would break down some walls that one would have.

    Haha, but I still really know what Id want to do. Theres so many possibilities.

    Spend time with loved ones. Explore a place youve even been. Have sex on a beach! Camp in the mountains. Those all seem corny though.

    I do know what I'd want after death though... To know that everything is going to be OK. That all the experiences that we all have - All the pain and horror and all the love and compassion wasnt in vain. That things actually do add up to something better.

  3. I'd quit my job. I know, I know, it's sort of obvious, but I'd do it in a really grandiose way so as to make everyone realize how they've all been terrible humans.

    Mostly other cliche things. Do a lot of things that I love with the people that I love. Cadillac would (obviously) come with me everywhere. And I would eat all the ice cream the world has to offer.

  4. this question always runs around my head.

    if i knew i was going to die soon, i proly get into my own hole within in my head for days. Then after that spend as much time as i can with loved ones, have lots of sex, drugs, dance, laugh, cry, live, be nice to strangers. get a loan and give it to someone who needs it. Just go on this random adventure of peace love and happiness... try at least.

    my only wish is that when i die my friends burn me take my ashes to the ocean and throw the biggest beach rave party in my name while they do it <3

  5. I'd go sky diving and then I'd go to see egypt and then I would try and recored all of the songs that I've been thinking of righting down.

    I would deffinetly stop worrying about the futer, that would be a nice load of my back, I would probibly sleep better and that would help me die happy ;)