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Monday, August 9, 2010

Things you should know Monday:

- Every girl that says they just want a "nice guy" is lying to themselves. I dont mean we all want an abusive asshole for a boyfriend, I just mean that we dont want someone who is a chick with a dick either.

- Guys, seriously we dont ask for much. Isnt it enough that we put up with everything you do to us already. Show a little appreciation with some creativity.

- Roses are not forms of creativity.

- Girls stop talking about the past so much like you are the only one that has one. Statistically speaking, about 80% of people have gone through the same thing you have, you arent special and no one likes a nagger.

- Do something you normally wouldnt once a week, as long as it wont harm you in anyway.

- Guys seriously I forget daily you were born with balls. I am so tired of waiting around for a guy to ask for my number. How hard is it? we arent going to eat you, worst thing that could happen is we say no.

- Girls if there is a guy you like just give him your number. Dont exchange facebook links, its so lame.

- Pornography is NOT bad. There are so much worse things to get angry over, so much worse things a person could be doing then looking at porn. Also, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is an avid porn watcher, dont feel bad.. chances are they are going to sleep with you that night anyway, and chances are they will last longer, win, win.

- If you are the type of person that gets angry easily, find a way to channel that anger quick because its a lot nicer to walk away for a second then say a dick comment and have to apologize for something you didnt mean.

- Mistakes happen, nobody woke up that morning thinking "i really cant wait to screw up "X persons" morning" so get over it. Unless its some boneless human that is that vindictive to plan everyway they can make you topple over.

- GET A FUCKING JOB. seriously, and dont say "Ive been trying, its really hard". Not hard enough, being unemployed looks horrendous.

- Please dont wear clothes that clearly dont fit you, who are you fooling?

If you have anything you would like to add you can leave me a comment and ill consider it for mondays next post.

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