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Monday, August 23, 2010

Things you should know monday!

Things you should know monday, I know its kind of late on monday but deal with it!

- First and for most, Get to know someone really well before you actually:
1. Meet them IRL
2. Date them IRL
3. Marry them IRL
Its just bad news bears when you later realize the person you thought you were dating is actually a giant fake.

- KNOW YOUR BODY! I mean really get to know it, feel all different types of people around you, even the bad ones! Sooner or later you will become so in tune with your body you can feel the bad ones a mile away.

- GET CHECKED! yearly! its important. Guys don't give me that shit "Guys don't have a doctor" yes you do, find one and get checked or you are no longer allowed in the line to my milkshake stand.

- Hey kid, I totally didn't ask you for your opinion on my situation. I don't even think I asked you a question, I simply stated a fact. Why do you always have to put your input on something you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Mouth shut, ears open.

- I know horror movies aren't for everyone, but don't be one of those people (especially if you are a guy) that refuses to watch one. I mean, who doesn't like being scared and know it's going to be over in an hour and a half?

- I really think it's up to us to up the standards for the future. By that I mean we (woman or men) should be searching for people who are at least 10 times better then what we dated before. Don't down grade what is wrong with you? Also, watch a few movies from the 50's, k? thats how shit should be now. I love you, You love me... EPIC STORY and we are both along for the ride.

- What in the fuck florida... more so for miami but WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET YOUR LICENSE?! WALMART?! PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!

- Um.. don't dye your hair blue. When it washes out, it looks green. Don't dye your hair any unnatural color, this isn't your version of rainbow bright and if you couldn't make it anymore obvious of how fake of a person you are, now you have green hair. Also, while were at it, Know your skin tone and what is "normal hair color" for that skin tone. If you are puerto rican and you have a dark olive tone, I can bet money you were not born a blonde. Wanna know how I know? BECAUSE YOUR EYE BROWS ARE BLACK! come on... (this doesn't apply to hairdressers cause they have the best job in the world where they can be who ever and what ever they want)

- When "your God" separates you from your family (close friends, maybe even strangers that have a possibility of being really awesome people), then there is something wrong with "your God".  - Ray Smith

- Don't nickname your children "Gorda" or "Gordo" or any other foreign language term for "FAT". First off, WHO DOES THAT!? who decided that would be a good idea to forever scar a kid into thinking there is something wrong with them? Who thinks "you know what? you are fat, lets nickname you fat." There is a million other nicknames for cute cubby kid. And no, its not okay because "its apart of your culture" who the hell wants to be apart of a culture that does nothing but insult children who can't insult you back because they have no clue how to, and when they do grow up and get the balls to finally say something you always slap them in the face.... what the hell is that?

- Protect yourself before you wreck yourself, seriously who wants to be stuck with herpes for the rest of there life? then you are stuck screwing herpes people.. is that a life you want for yourself? - Justin Fox

- About 90% of people are over -exaggerators which makes for a great story for friends but never forget there is always 2 sides to a story, and which ever one is more over-exaggerated is more likely the lie.

- You wanna know what your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is going to look like in 50 years? Take a look at mom and dad and you will travel into the future.

- Organize your shit. Especially if you are a guy, Girls catch on real quick and it's such a weight off of our shoulders to know we don't have to "surprise" clean your room or do your laundry or try to find you a job, or cook something for you to eat because you don't know what a pot or a pan is or mow the lawn because its not going to mow itself.

- Always put 100% in a relationship. I know you hear people say "well I'm over here giving 80% and he's only giving me 20%" this isn't some sort of business partnership, at least if all else fails you will know you gave everything you possibly could to make things work and not just a percentage of yourself. (this really applies to everything in life, not only relationships)

- Guys never openly admit you get professionally groomed. It's not a bad thing, its just weird hearing you say it, and in most incidents a real turn off. That doesn't mean stop getting groomed. It just means don't openly admit it.

- Take the time to be single after every relationship. The longer the relationship was, the longer time you will need to re-collect yourself. Think of it as an accident between 2 cars, the longer the relationship the faster and sudden the crash was. Think of all the pieces you have to pick up and how much the damage is going to cost you. Don't jump right into another relationship when you look like that. Everyone changes after a relationship, even if its just a little bit and you need to really get to know that new you before you go and get to know someone else.

- Buy a shower radio and sing in the shower. It's the surefire way to having a good day. Who can bring you down after singling "california girls" in the shower? srsly.

- Make a mixtape for someone you like but don't be completely inconsiderate of the music they already listen to. For example, if you know the person you like is an avid RnB listener, don't go putting acacia strain or the devil wears prada on there mixtape. Im sure somewhere you can find a median between some fantastical music that will make them actually want to listen to it. Also, don't be one of those pricks that just listen to one type of music. If you are, you aren't musically educated therefor aren't allowed to openly express what good/bad music is.

- Smile. Ever notice when someone is telling you a story about what someone looked like and you with out knowing mock there facial expression? We just do it out of habit. When we were babies, we used to do it all the time and who wants to subconsciously frown? Not me! so do me a favor and smile!

- Don't be afraid to cry. Just don't. Unless we are just meeting for the first time and I really don't know that much about you, but then why would you be crying? I don't know. Just don't be afraid to cry.

- Showers cure everything according to me.


  1. First in an epic post.

  2. - You wanna know what your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is going to look like in 50 years? Take a look at mom and dad and you will travel into the future.

    Not so sure about this considering eddie and alicia look nothing like their parents...lol

  3. eddie looks like his dad... and alicia looks like her grandma on her dads side.