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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tid-Bit Tuesday:


- Kiss us. All the time. Anywhere and everywhere.
- Tell us randomly what you love about us.
- Always tell a girl what you love most about her sexy ass body is the part she secretly is most insecure about. You wont regret it.
- Focus on a part of our body that you really haven't gotten to know. The calves? kiss em. our knees? Anything. Explore places you haven't ever been.
- Lightly (LIGHTLY like barely even grabbing, I know how you have the tendency to think everything we like has to be done roughly like we need to be taught a lesson or something) pull on the ends our hair when you play with our hair.
- Use different adjectives to describe us. If beautiful is all you got, its cool and not that big of an issue but you really wanna catch us off guard try using "Ravishing" or "Sublime"

Listen the point is to keep things interesting, like you still have to rope her. It makes things seem like you are still on the rocks trying to hold on. If you don't do anything, you aren't going to get to keep the girl. You keep everything else you love up to date with what it needs. You download new maps for Call of duty. You wash your car every weekend and make sure it has new oil every 5,000 miles. You update your computer every time it asks, and the computer doesn't even wash or fold your clothes.

- Stop talking. For once, just give him a blowie out of no where. seriously.
- Sleep naked.
- Dance naked. JUST DO IT.
- Print some tastefully done pin-up photos, shot by someone who knows how to shoot real pictures, and put them in a place you know he will find them. DO NOT SEND OVER THE INTERNET.
- Don't yell anymore. Just talk, he's standing right in front of you there isn't a need to raise your voice.
- Naughty text, FTW.
- Birthday coming up? Throw an epic surprise party for him. If his friends don't like you, i'm sure they will like free beer, good food and that giant flat screen t.v in the living room. If you feed them, they will come.
- Watch those raunchy t.v shows he loves. You'll end up liking them too, it's okay to admit it.

Point is to not be so damn selfish and self conscious all the fucking time. I know its hard because you are so used to beating yourself up all the time, and because you are such a masochist you continue to try to secretly ruin even the things that make you happy. Don't! Learn to stop yourself and channel the energy into something else like fishing or that iPhone app where you can shoot like 50 different guns. Be happy you have a guy that sticks around your crazy ass.

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