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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You feel like a hot mess.

Surprise Tid-bits:


- Leave a note somewhere your girlfriend/ the girl you like will find.
- Go on a picnic, if you are a hermit make a fort in the house and go on a picnic.
- Do something for her that she normally does for herself. (brushing her hair, washing the dishes, making her bed)
- Send her a text message when you are near her telling her something you enjoy about her.
- Tell her how much more prettier she is then that other girl you are checking out.

The small stuff is always worth so much more then the bigger stuff. If you dont want a raging lunatic for a girlfriend you might want to consider doing one of the above once in a while. Think of it as your favorite game, which is probably WOW, like a quest. Each quest (Surprise tid-bit) helps you gain experience (Appreciation) to help you level up (get a Blowie).


- Put on his favorite outfit, the one he said makes you look sexy as hell? and surprise him when he gets home. He might be totally alarmed at first because 1. You havent done that before or 2. No ones done that to him before. So dont feel bad if his first instinct is to back away from you.
- Make that day's sex ALL ABOUT HIM.
- Learn to play a video game he likes, secretly. One day when hes playing you should surprise him and PWN his ass. After his game body dies, stand up and flash him. (be careful his head might explode, so make sure he can handle it) (and the game thing really goes for anything that takes up the majority of his time)
- Buy him that super awesome thing hes been wanting forever but doesnt buy it because he knows how totally lame you think it is.

Guys are fairly easy to please. They are opposite of girls. Material stuff is what makes there heart bleed like how ours does when he does something super sweet for you that you never expected. What makes them think about us the way we think of them is through there dick. Why? because men think with there DICK. (Guys this isnt anything to be ashamed of, and if you just so happen to be the % that doesnt, then your girlfriend should repeat the guys surprise tidbits) You know that saying "they way to a mans heart is through his stomach"? well I dont doubt that he would love some down right delicious cooking, I dont think he would sit there day dreaming at work about how good your fried pork is. Now, if you did it in a sexy costume, or naked even, Hes going to have a tough time at work trying not to think of you.

1 comment:

  1. I was considering showing this to my girlfriend. For laughs. Also cause you make some good points. But the misuse of "there" instead of "their" killed it. I cant show it to anyone. Just saying.