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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eh, my secret room is better...

"How come I never get the girl/boy?" 

1. Don't be so available all the time! I know this is hard because you have been single for what seems like forever, or maybe you forgot what its like to be in the game cause its been so long since you have or maybe you think you knew what you were doing and its just not working. The LESS someone knows about you, the MORE interested someone will be. That doesn't have to apply AFTER you have finalized your feelings for each other. 


girl and boy meet via internet (i say that now because i don't know someone who has met someone IRL yet and it actually work out)

For the first 3 weeks DON'T play 20 questions. I know you are thinking "wtf why not" because thats what the other person is going to be thinking "why the hell aren't they asking all these things about me? I thought they liked me" which in return will make them even more interested/intrigued about you. 

Play it cool, by that I mean sit back and relax. Don't have a heart attack if they don't up and ask you for your number or ask you out on a date. Also, make yourself seem like a busy person. Even if you aren't a naturally busy person, thats okay! make pretend you are. That doesn't mean to completely ignore who you like, it just means to seem not so completely available all the time. 

Leave texts open for a text back, like a question. If they don't text back then, hey its not the end of the world. If it is, then don't ACT like it in front of the person you like, in other words don't text the person a MILLION times hoping they will write back. 

Tune in next week for how to hook someone you like! :) 


  1. Hey what happened to our tuesday grooming lesson??? i was looking forward to that. Actually i look forward to your music most. Kentucky pill is amazing! love it!

  2. haha that comes this week, actually tomorrow! have any questions you might like answered about sex? relationships? work? or just wanna say something thats bothering you? you should comment back! and refer this blog to everyone you know!

    and my favorite song by johnny flynn is "tickle me pink" but i couldnt find it! :(