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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On and on until we disappear.

- Sometimes all someone needs is an "I love you" in the most unexpected time. I know you say it all the time when we are hanging up the phone, or when you are leaving to the store but those "I love yous" are just another form of goodbye. Who wants the meaning of "I love you" to be goodbye? Don't make it have that meaning.

- If you are continuously getting treated wrongly in a relationship, you should seriously ask yourself if it is worth your sanity and happiness to be with this one person. Why is it so hard for us to give up on something that causes us so much hurt? We can't all be masochists or over achievers can we? Differentiate the two, tell yourself couples argue and make up but if its personal attacks, then you should pack your bags and get up.

- Never call a girl fat, whore, bitch, cunt or any other vulgar name in the urban dictionary. We are old enough to know that they are your way of attacking our self esteem because you have nothing else to attack because you realize you are in the wrong. Instead, if we are being unreasonable, just tell us we are acting like a child. It gets under our skin more.

- Saying goodbye is the hardest thing any of us will ever have to do.

- If life is all about transitional periods, then why aren't we made of silly pudy? Bones protect our vital organs from blunt forces yet sometimes it still feels like invisible forces are able to penetrate it.

- If you knew your next move would take a turn for the worst, would you still do it?

- Its worth waiting for the one person that makes you feel like the only person they will ever love.


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