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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say goodbye to the voices in your head.

Im just going to say this because honestly it is bothering the shit out of me. I hate when people act like everything is peachy with there boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband when they were JUST on the verge of breaking up or divorcing. You don't get gloating privileges till after a whole month of not arguing and almost calling it quits. DICKS.

- When gift shopping, stick to what you know if you don't really know what you are doing.
- Just because you have a wad of 100 dollar bills does NOT make it okay for you to throw it at me like I am a 2 cent hooker. Next time I WILL throw your change.
- Be courteous to those walking in the rain while driving. It really sucks to get splashed by someone who is too busy texting while driving, which is illegal.

Here is a golden ticket:

Please do all the finding of yourself BY YOURSELF. It bothers me when people say "I really just need to find out who I am" a year into a relationship. Seriously? what were you doing before? Coasting? GTFO. It's never fair to date someone who is ready for something amazing, when you CLEARLY aren't.

While we are on this subject, forcing someone to do ANYTHING is wrong. You can't FORCE someone to change, just like you can't FORCE someone to have sex with you. So either you come to terms that someone will always be the way they are and deal with it, or pack your shit and go. Don't sit there trying to make someone change because the only way someone will change is if they REALLY want it. Change does happen, people do change when they want to.

Also a side note, NEVER put your best foot forward for a girl because its always a major let down to find out a month down the road that the person you made yourself up to be, really doesn't exist. Just be real, we will accept it if we like you enough, trust me.

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