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Saturday, September 18, 2010

She playing with her jewlery

Dos and Don'ts of a work place/space:

- Do hide your pens. It seems to me there is a pen thief and he always steals MY pens.
- Don't give too much information about your personal life. It gives people the incentive to "worry" about you and no body wants that from co-workers.
- Don't check your phone too often, like when you are speaking to clients? or talking on the phone with your boss. Its just bad work ethics. There is a place and time for everything.
- Work relationships? keep em at home. I'm not saying they can't happen, just don't bring it to work.
- Life lesson/quotes I could live with out but if I ask, I'd like to know :)
- Smile.
- How about what I'm writing in my journal isn't any of your business so don't look over my shoulder.
- Don't hover.
- How about I didn't ask you for your opinion on how I could better my work ethics, so you don't need to waste your breath.
- Brush your teeth.
- You can drink coffee but drink it with a straw because it stains your teeth and stained teeth are a no bueno.
- Relationship/family/friend issues stay at home.
- Its okay to have a bad day, everyone does.
- Nobody intentionally shows up late, or gets deathly sick in the morning. If they do, you should fire them. DON'T be mad at them if they are for realz though.
- Write things down. I am a very forgetful person. I just usually have so much going on at once so I've grown accustom to writing things down and momentarily going over them once I have the time during the day.
- Do write down your hours. I've had incidences in the past where my boss has "forgot" that worked 44 hours instead of 34 hours. Woopsie, I guess. But don't let it happen again or else someones getting punched in the dick.
- I really can't take my own advise cause for the life of me even when I try to leave early it just doesn't work for me. DON'T BE A TARDY ASSHOLE. If you are call at least give me a heads up, don't just assume I have some tracking device on you. I have a life, and it doesn't include trying to find your late ass.
- Don't but in when someone is trying to explain something. I can't fucking stand it when I'm in the middle of explaining something and someone interjects my sentence with something I was going to say but clearly wasn't given the chance because someone likes the sound of there own voice.

- Hey asshole, I'm not getting paid extra to do your job so how about you do your own job description. You want to pay me half of your salary so you can slack off, I will be more then happy to pick up the slack. But until that happens GET THE FUCK UP.
- What does it look like I'm doing, it's called working.
- Don't ask dumb questions that you are clearly capable of finding the answer on your own (I fall victim to this just because I think its easier to ask, and I like to talk out loud sometimes? BUT DON'T BE A DICK TO ME ABOUT IT AND THEN AN HOUR LATER ASK ME SOMETHING SIMILAR TO WHAT I WAS ASKING EARLIER)
- Why don't YOU get a little more organized.
- Don't talk down to your employees, We work hard enough to feel like we are just as important as anyone else in the work space.
- Personal calls should be at a minimum and not because someone wants to hear your voice.
- Take a shower before work if you are a naturally stinky person.
- Lets not talk about how you are used to picking up shit because you have a 1 year old. KTHANKSBAI
- Never, by any means talk about religion or politics.
- Don't be a dick boss. Be a Awesome possum boss. Working with an APB makes everyones life so much easier.

- Bring lunch. It will save you TONS of money.

- Hey if you have the body, fucking show it. I praise you for doing it. But if you don't WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? DO YOU OWN A MIRROR? you are not Jennifer Lopez dude, fucking cover your tits.
- Lets keep the shit talking to your self and close friends, I know its tempting because you think there are people you can trust but there NEVER is. So lets just zip it.
- Wash your clothes. No really, just cause you have a dress code that requires you to wear the same thing every day doesn't mean its totally cool for you to wear the same thing everyday for a month. GRODIE!

Decemberists - The rake song

I know I'm totally late on this but FUCK THIS CD IS SO GOOD!

 The Decemberists - The hazards of love pt.1

Goodbye Sunrise - On Your Birthday

It's been a while since I was in to the whole poppy scene but, I like this band. They make me want to move.

(I got my new lens! do you like!?)

Do you ever want something more for yourself? Your relationship? Life in general? How could you get it and why haven't you?  

1 comment:

  1. "Do you ever want something more for yourself?"

    I want more happiness. Happiness is illusive. You can be full of it one day and have almost none the next. I've been through some pretty rough times. When your deep into the darkness it can feel like it will never end. Those times are horrid. But when you come out the other end, you really are stronger for the experience. Thankfully life can and does take turns for the better from time to time :)

    "Your relationship?"

    I want to fall in Love. I used to be worried about never being able to... Not anymore.

    "Life in general?"

    Money!!! But not in a bad way. I think I could get corrupted from too much. I want just enough for the simple things. Like if I have a cavity, I can get it filled, or enough money to send my children to a good school, or enough money to have a peaceful retirement, or travel to Europe once or twice. I don't want yachts, airplanes, and islands to myself. Too much to worry about.