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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That dude is double OH seven

Since I live in sunny miami florida this is ideal for guys. If you live in colder areas you can dress it down with a colder pair of dark jeans, a dark brown belt and some cool dark rimmed glasses. Get it. 


- Look I think it's probably important you get a friend that doesn't hate every girl you date and thinks of good and bad ideas, and not just bad ideas all the time. Find someone who is going to think of were everyone is coming from and not just where he sees you from where he's standing, which is usually on the outside, 50 blocks away. 

I recently had a conversation with someone about wether or not I liked men who were shaven or not. When I answered he replied with "It becomes all itchy and irritated" 


I like a shaved face sometimes, and I like a not shaved face sometimes.


Before I could go any further I asked his preference on his women, wether he liked them shaved or not. He replied "Yes! I am not planning on getting any hair stuck in my teeth when I do a girl a favor"

So let me get this straight, In order for us to get you to even "THINK" about going down on us, we BETTER be hairless in the nether regions, but you cant endure a few days of razor burn?

just an F.Y.I we weren't ALWAYS this smooth down there, it took practice and skill and the knowledge of our own bodies. There were days where we had razor burn and lumps and bumps we thought might have been cancer. We do it for you!

I know this can sound a bit intimidating but its okay! thats why I'm here! to tell you ALL of our secrets!

How to shave your private base! 
First you will need these supplies

  • A NEW razor. 
  • Soap (Pink Dove)
  • Exfoliating shower gloves
  • Gold bond medicated powder
  • Trimmer
  • Lotion

Step 1: Make sure you will be shaving at a night where you WONT be getting any action. Your skin needs to recuperate after the shave and any strenuous activities will stir things up and make your night really uncomfortable.

Step 2: Trim your hair if its that bad. I know a lot of guys who think having 1/2 a millimeter of hair is acceptable and ITS NOT. So trim first. Most guys feel a little insecure about having a total nude area next to there hairy legs so you can always trim around the groin area too.

Step 3: Shower. Wash your hair and body first before you go into shaving. Head to toe THEN your privates.

Step 4: Make the water a little more hot then usual and use the exfoliating shower gloves to lather the dove soap into your groin. Do this for about 3 minutes. You want to really get the hair to stand up to avoid getting any in grown hairs.

Step 5: Grab your spankin new razor. I usually use bic as seen above because they work well for me and are inexpensive. JUST MAKE SURE it has more then ONE razor or you will be here FOREVER. You are going to want to use a NEW razor each time you shave your privates because the hair usually down there is so coarse it quickly dulls the razor. which can cause complications when used after that.

Step 6: If you want you can use shaving cream. It will probably feel better too if its your first time doing this.

Step 7: Begin to shave. Most people say shaving with the grain helps but I never really care at this point. Shave until all hair is gone and take your time. This isn't a race, we don't want you to look like you got attacked by a cat down there.

Step 8: Wash yourself clean.

Step 9: After towel drying yourself off apply lotion and get into bed. Make sure its a lotion that has aloe in it.

Step 10: Once the lotion has set into your skin you may apply the Gold bond medicated powder to the area and let it sit over night. It cools and makes the area feel less irritated. I consider this product a god send.

Then rest. I think the key part is to not let there be any friction between after the shower and the morning. Apply the gold bond powder in the morning before work for the next 3 days or when ever you feel irritation starts. The reason why girls don't get razor burn is the same reason why you don't when you shave your face, because you do it at least once every 8 days. Once your skin gets used to the shave the razor burn slowly fades and becomes non-existent. 

Also, it's not a favor! its common courteously! much like pulling out a ladies seat or opening her door DICK FUCKS!


I gotta say I am not liking the pant-to-bra look. I just don't! I'm sorry! sometimes it looks alright but most of the time, and believe me its most of the time usually, it doesn't! I used to make fun of my aunt when she wore shit like this when I was little, and I will not conform to this fashion statement simply because its in now. 

This however, is WONDERFUL! get it! add her! BE HER! :)

We have to stop being so jealous all the time! I see what you are doing, lurking everyones myspace/facebook/twitter/tumblr/jesustherearewaytoomanynetworkingsites! it has to stop! A little jealousy is okay and never hurt anyone! but too much is scary and really wrong. Grab a hold of your insecurities and let them go, he's with you for a reason, a reason I'm not so sure of but he seems to be! :) 

merp! its fang island! and man they resemble a british version of minus the bear which is always good news! 

Justin showed me this song yesterday and I instantly fell in love with it :) 

Recommend me to your firends! comment and ask questions you feel need answers! You can even ask anonymously! Tune in next week for some other neat stuff! 


  1. On the shaving/trimming the public parts. I don't know why any dude would want a jungle down there. I shave my face partly for comfort and partly to look handsome. I do the same for "down there". Thanks for spreading the word Emily. If you helped only one dude it'll be worth it.

    "I gotta say I am not liking the pant-to-bra look. I just don't! I'm sorry! sometimes it looks alright but most of the time, and believe me its most of the time usually, it doesn't! I used to make fun of my aunt when she wore shit like this when I was little, and I will not conform to this fashion statement simply because its in now."

    HAHA! I completely agree. Pants to stomach, 9 times out of 10 = old lady fashion.

    John Butler = :)

  2. Men shaving their nether regions i think is just purely un-manly. I dont want to ride someones dick that will give my vagina lips irritation. HOWEVER getting a trimmer and putting a number 2 on it, is absolutely perfect. im attracted to manly men i wanna see some hair. I fully agree i dont want them "bushing" down there. But trimmed on a number two gives me the perfect glide having sex. Besides men get ingrowns more than us because their hair is a bit thicker and its curlier. which is why Derm Docs dont suggest shaving but giving yourself a close trim;)

  3. good deal! trimming is better then none!