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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There's too much going on these days


- You WANT to be this dude. Ask him for advice or copy him, I don't give a shit. Just do it.

I'm answering a few questions I've gotten over the last few days:

- Its not an issue if you aren't circumcised. The bigger issue is if you are a clean person or not.

How to wash your penis:

Step one: After you have washed your whole body (Hair first, limbs next, lastly all your nasty parts) using warm water use a bit of soap (not to much because sometimes this can cause burning because of the amount of detergent in most soaps) start up a decent lather rubbing your hands together. (The most effective way of getting germs off of your hands is to lather for more then 25 seconds, just a little fact for ya)

Step two: While standing, spread your legs evenly to shoulder length to allow more effective cleaning.

Step three: Gently grab your shaft and stroke evenly around the sides. If you have an uncircumcised penis, pull foreskin back with out using too much force as too much force will cause the skin to stretch. Wash the head evenly and let warm water run remaining soap between the head of the penis and foreskin off, then you may release your grip on foreskin.

Step Four: Gently cup your balls and massage to clean, feeling if there are any unnoticed lumps you may have over looked before.

Step Five: I don't know if most males know this, but the most stinky area of ones genitals aren't actually the penis or balls. It's actually the inner thigh area, which essentially is similar to an armpit. While I don't condone putting deodorant directly on your balls or dick, I might suggest placing some here in the inner thigh area.

Step Five: Guess what, your shit does stink. So wash your asshole. No really, please do.

Tune in next week Tuesday for more info on how to groom yourself.

Someone asked me if genital piercings are okay, or what my views on them are. While I'm still not entirely sure why someone would do that to themselves, my personal thought still stays the same. I don't personally like nipple piercing on men, why? because men usually have small nipples. Even if you didn't, emphasizing them wouldn't make any situation better by putting shiny metal through them. Females, however, I find to be sexy with nipple piercings. I should know, because I have them. Pierced genitals are a different story, which I don't think either sex should have only because of how many germs one can get. I also don't find them to be ascetically pleasing to the eye. This doesn't mean that there aren't girls out there who don't mind it, or do find it sexually appealing, I just don't personally like it.

In other words, don't pierce your dick or clit. It's just wrong and pointless.


- Why is it so difficult for us (you mostly) to take a compliment. I used to think it was the fear of sounding snobby or self centered but it's getting really annoying hearing from my male friends that they feel obligated to compliment you because of your ridiculously low self esteem. How many times can someone call you beautiful before you finally believe it? It's simple, if you don't think you are then that is totally cool and you can totally keep that to yourself but how DARE you insult someone by telling them indirectly what they think is a lie! If they like you, and are attracted to you, telling them they are wrong isn't going to help your situation any more. Im not saying for you to overly agree with how amazingly hot you are, but you could just say "thanks". You are beautiful even if you are over weight and you sleep all day or flat chested or big boned. That is what is sexy as fuck is confidence, and not that over bearing confidence, that right-amount confidence. You want to know why that's so sexy? because about 97% of girls disagree with any positive statement said about her personality or looks, which in return makes a man turn his head when a girl says "I think so too :)"

Miami horror - Don't be on with her
I do really love this song. It reminds me of something from the 80's which you can never go wrong with.

Pretty lights - Finally moving
This song helps me so much with my writing or editing. Its super chill. Pretty lights have pretty much always been about chill down time. You should definitely check out there stuff.

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