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Friday, October 8, 2010

Dos and Don'ts of kissing!

I figured I would since it seems like so many people don't know how. There is a special art to kissing and I can even admit sometimes I haven't fully mastered it completely yet. But I have picked up a few things along the way.

Dos and Don'ts of kissing! 

- Don't use your tongue as a fishing device for something that isn't in my throat.
- Do match your mouth up with mine as much as possible.
- Passionate doesn't always mean rough
- Ladies? Do wear chapstick. Don't wear lipgloss or lipstick.
- I always use my tooth brush after I've brushed my teeth to buff my lips. I am convinced it helps keep my lips smooth and not chappy.
- Do use your lips to find other kissable places on my body.
- Do use your hands. Don't forget you have them. Limp kissing is never as exciting as grope kissing.
- Do make some sessions only about kissing naked.
- Don't make out after eating something. Be courteous and brush your teeth first.
- Don't forget kissing correctly during sex is just as important as fucking correctly during sex.
- Swallow your spit.
- Do keep the tongue a secret. Its only there to tease not to be the star of the show.
- Don't kiss weird parts of my body, like my armpit? wtf are you doing?!
- Do kiss in many places and make a note of it. Cross them out when you do kiss in certain places you have always wanted.

(Kiss in the rain)
- Close your mouth when you kiss. 
- Dudes, it's totally not gay to carry chapstick around, TRUST me. 

Every dude thinks he "KNOWS" how to kiss and maybe a big majority of them do, but from what I've seen, they are liars. Stop thinking every girl thats seems totally satisfied in the porn you watch, is the epitome of what REAL woman want, because its not! I promise! Woman, most woman at least, want soft kisses and passionate kisses. Not an exchange of saliva and air. 

Have you ever been kissed in a totally weird way that you wish never happened again? Tell me about it! I want to know! Also, I would be so greatful for you to show your friends and have them comment too! 


  1. This really isn't something that I wish would never happen again, though it is quit weird. When you are french kissing someone, blow into there mouth when your lips are connected. It feels silly and makes a funny sound. It is sure to make both of you laugh :)

  2. DO NOT GO IN FOR A KISS WHILE SMILING. Crashing into your partners teeth at full passionate speed REALLY hurts... -_-

  3. totally!!! hahaha I hate that! it's like a bad photo bomb!