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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dracula's town..

Happy Wednesday! 

Welcome back to another wednesday post! I have a huge treat for you guys today! But first, take a look at this dude! 

How spiffy is he?! I love fall for this reason for dudes, you can pack a lot of color and totally get away with it! cause it's cold out there, at least its getting there.

Fall time is totally great for settling down by a fire place, and totally LETTING YOUR BEARD GROW!! thats right NO SHAVE NOVEMBER IS COMING!

So that means I want to be seeing massive awesome warm beards on your faces! and send me some pictures! i'll totally post em! I don't care what your girlfriend says! You tell her this is part of being a man, and if you don't do it, you are a pussy. If you can't grow your beard, its okay bro, You fit in the small group of people who can shave but it still doesn't mean you shouldn't try at least!

Speaking about cozy-ing up, This is the perfect time to plan some romantic cuddling sessions with that special someone. I know life gets busy and fast and it feels like there is way too much going on to take a second to breath but, it will be worth it. Who knows, maybe you will let some of your agoraphilia out of the closet ;-)

wwhhhaaatt?? come on ladies! its fun and exciting and no, no one can see you when you are that far out in a field or that quiet in a tinted car ;-)

I wanna say that it is totally cool to watch porn for educational purposes FOR WOMAN ONLY! only because porn is shot for the male race only which means the woman usually don't like to be rammed and jammed anyway you can. (that rhymed) So ladies, it can't hurt to teach an old dog new tricks right? and he will totally think you are awesome for wanting to watch poor and reenact blow jobs or positions.

p.s while we are talking about porn, being addicted to it doesn't exist unless it becomes such a huge problem it is effecting someone else's life.

Also, pianos are the most beautiful instrument ever made, next to guitars and banjos... (banjo's wtf?? YES BANJOS! THEY ARE AWESOME!)

Don't think i forgot about you ladies! Doesn't it suck that we dont have a special cool "girl" thing to do in november to shy away that there is a massive beard on your boyfriends face?? merp...


Like, doing our nails everyday a different color? sounds tedious but it would make me feel girly..

50's hair november?
30 colors 30 days?
Something? shoot me ideas! I want to know!

Also, being on the girl subject. Are we emotional by default? I refuse to believe that!  why do some of us always have to be so cynical? Its really unattractive and very much a downer. We are so pretty when we are smiling and looking up instead of frowning and looking down. Optimism is sexy as fuck so get a bunch of it and dance in your underwear!


How adorable is she! okay! so Long hair in the fall, shorter in the summer! right!? right. her outfit is adorable and the jean dress is great! I am starting to notice the knee high sock is so in! I'm thinking about grabbing some soon.

I had to, I have a LARGE obsession for owls and pea coats! and she's adorable so copy her! and her owl ring!

and now for the big surprise! 

and its so autumn influenced, at least thats what I think. So click the link above and download it! 

I don't own any of the songs, this is purely to show you how great there music is so you can go and buy there stuff and see them live, because live music is always so much better! 

Any song you wanna recommend me? Any advice or want to just say something thats bothering you about someone!? Comment me! tell me! I want to know whats bothering you! it could be about your job? your girlfriend? your friend? your dog? 

Stay safe! 


  1. Awesome post! Fun thoughts, great advice!

    Beards = Awesome
    Cuddling = Amazing
    Porn reenactment = Fun!
    Pianos = Delightful
    Beautiful ladies = Intoxicating
    Owls = The coolest bird ever!
    Mixtapes = An adventure

  2. aww, thanks so much for tghe mention ! ^^

  3. I love beards on men and i dont care who knows it! x

  4. Emilia i saw the owl ring at pacsun in dadeland. I sent you a picture that day of it.. Totally reminded me of you=]