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Friday, October 15, 2010

For just one second.

Thank God it is friday guys! I know I promised that mix tape but it's coming I promise! Also, halloween is coming up, and I want to hear what you all are going to do so please post a comment to leave any feed back!

- If you are dating a dude and he actively leaves the condom he just used on the floor he is an automatic douche. I don't care if he is the only guy living in the house. That dude should NOT be in your vagina.

- Cancer LOVES sugar, so stop that shit. Cause cancer sucks hard. (Article here

- Shiitake mushrooms: (article here

  • Irrigate your immune system
  • Promote optimal health 
  • Is good for the heart
  • Potent antioxidant 
- If a girl was on her period, would that REALLY stop you from having sex with her? 

- If someone lies twice in a day and repeatedly tells you "they are white lies" that person is a compulsive liar and stay away from them. 

- Excuse me but what the fuck do you think you are doing pulling your phone out while we are on a date? DON'T DO THAT! that is soooo annoying! Even if you are not on a date and just out with friends ! Trust me! all the status updates you feed on lerking are STILL going to be there when the movie is over and so are all the text messages, there is no such thing as a status and text stealing gnome! 

- Just because it's a movie everyone will see and the majority of people will like does not mean you have the right to negatively criticize it! Thats right! I thought transformers was awesome! and I also thought Jonah Hex was good too until megan fox came into play. I have a thing for comic books and westerns. Also paranormal activity scared the SHIT out of me! So STFU! nobody cares about your negativity! 

- You are what you wear. That's right, I said it. So if you are just not getting it together with your style you should have a friend come along next time to help out and not one thats going to be drifting off trying to find things for them to wear, I mean someone who knows they are there for YOU and YOU only because then you have to wait for them to finish, and time gets wasted on YOU time and YOU time is very important, at least to me. :) 

-The world is only big enough for one dude who looks like a hobo, and that dude is zach galifianakis. So you should go shave and then we will talk. p.s zack is ughazing and I would totally date him

- If you are naturally an asshole, then you deserve all the bad shit going on in your life. Treat people nicer and then maybe God will treat you nicer. 

- I am actively trying to learn patience. It's hard. 

- I realize that every now and then you will come into contact with someone you just for what ever reason CAN'T get along with, and that is totally cool, as long as you both are civil and if for what ever reason that other person isn't then you have every right to give them the middle finger and have a 12 year old moment. 

- Everybody needs a hug. They are free, so give them. 

- If I was a millionaire I would still do all of my shopping on amazon, because DAMN that place has GREAT deals!

- Is anyone out there getting the weird vibe that this polygamy show on TLC is going to blow up and soon dudes are just going to be throwing the option out there? 

- Pet names are nice but only in the right context! like if you have a girlfriend, and you call her baby, then that is acceptable. If you are the dude taking my order, and you call me baby, you will get punched in the dick. 

P.s They all float down here. 

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