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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My light will just shine on...

Here are some helpful tips for your weekend with that special someone: 

- Go have a picnic somewhere, seriously this weather is amazing and time is contagious and everyone is getting old. Enjoy the nice time we have.

- Read a sex novel together, and read it like a good narrator would. You will be surprised how fun you will have together.

- If you have the means, adopt a cat or dog.

- If you have a dollar, donate it to a charity of your choice here at JustGive.org every little bit helps.

- Do something your normally wouldn't do. I always hear people tell me that they "aren't happy with themselves" and I think a big reason for most people is because they forget to step out of there own boundaries, even if you end up hating it you still feel like you accomplished something.

Sex position of the day:
Tea spoon sex position. 
A rear-entry position with all the intensity of Doggy Style and with the connectivity of a side-by-side position. To get in this position, the receiver simply kneels in front and is penetrated from behind. This position is especially good in allowing the giving partner access to touch and caress the other's body, so make sure to keep those hands occupied!"

If you find yourself feeling lonely because you don't have a special someone, or that special someone is far away for you to reach, don't feel sad. If you have friends, they need love too. If you are single and are having a hard time with coping with the loneliness, don't worry because you aren't the only one! Take this time to get to know the real you because everyday you are changing into someone new, someone better hopefully then the person you were yesterday and that can take some forever getting used to. Being single can suck sometimes but think of it this way, Someone is out there waiting for you and sooner or later your paths will cross and this wait will be worth it completely in the end. 

There are tons of alternatives HERE in the mean time to satisfy your needs

This is hannahs cat for your picture of the day 

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