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Thursday, October 14, 2010

proper etiquette for public or personal restrooms

Am I the only one that looks behind to make sure I haven't left a catastrophic disaster when I leave a bathroom? Not that I would, because I'm a lady ;-) but JEEZZ guys sometimes I go into restrooms and I wonder if most people were raised by monkeys!

Guys will always say "the girls bathroom is WORSE" but to be honest both restrooms are filthy in there own way. I know this because I used to have to clean bathrooms before I could leave a restaurant I used to work at.

First off dudes, I'm not sure what you are pissing but if you have something other then pee that you need to rid your body of, DON'T use the urinal. Maybe it's just a total joke to you and your buddy but it's not to anyone else who has to step foot in there again.

If you need to rid your body of other bodily nastiness, there's this thing called a TOILET. It usually boxes you in and has a door with a latch to let you in and out of a stall. I say this because for some strange reason, dudes just NEVER make it to the stall, they make it EVERYWHERE ELSE but not the stall.

Sometimes it feels like some girls are starting some sort of nest in the girls bathroom with all the toilet paper that makes it to the floor.

NO THIN LAYER OF TOILET PAPER IS GOING TO SAVE YOU FROM GETTING HERPES. Guess what? You should do some friendly reading on how long dangerous organisms can live in oxygen. I'll give you a hint. NOT LONG.

HIV - with in minutes
Herpes - with in seconds

You wanna know what's the NASTIEST part of the WHOLE bathroom? THE DOORKNOB AND FAUCET!

How to properly dispose of your feminine products:

  • Tampons: After you have rid the tampon from your body, usually there is a nifty little silver box in the stall that is specifically used for disposing of feminine products. It seems not a lot of woman know this seeing as its always empty when I'm in there and all the pads and tampons are on the floor.
  • Pads: After rolling up the pad like a tiny cigar, wrap it up in a SMALL amount of toilet paper and toss it in the tin can in your bathroom stall. DON'T FLUSH IT YOU ASSHOLE.
Always bring in paper towels when you go into your bathroom to clean off the seat and dispose of any feminine products you may have. 

flush the fucking toilet. Jesus. 

Ladies clean up after your children and clean up after yourself. That means pick up all the un-used toilet paper off the floor and put it in the garbage. 

NEVER put your purse on the floor, ANYWHERE.

If it is a private bathroom, lets say in your house. Always have necessary toiletries readily available. I would hate to run out of toilet paper, and notice there is none in the actual bathroom I'm in.

Items needed for a private home bathroom:

Toilet paper
Hand towel
Toilet scrubber
Air freshener spray 

And last but it is NEVER least, WASH YOUR HANDS! sing the birthday song while you do it to make sure all germs are no where in sight and killed on the spot and always grab a paper towel before you touch anything else in that bathroom, otherwise washing your hands was completely pointless. 

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