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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some help for dudes hair

First off:

I had someone ask me what acceptable hair would be for a guy and to be honest I really didn't know how to answer so I've compiled a few images to what I find acceptable.

Dude has it together. I really gotta say. If your hair is not buzz cut, then you should be shooting for the long on the top, short on the sides look. Why? because I personally (and I speak for a lot of woman) like to have something to run my fingers through. That doesn't mean this:
Which I don't even think is humanly possible and WHY would you want to?

P.s If you are going for a bit longer look, then that means you should pay more for a better hairdresser. I know I know, that means you have to pay more then 12 dollars for a haircut but trust me in this instance the more you pay, the more likely your hairdresser probably paid attention in class and will know what's better for your shape.

As far as the army look:
Sam Worthington has many manly haircuts you should look into but I think he pulls off the buzz cut fairly well and something about those blue eyes...... -________-

Again I think it's important to ask your hairdresser (you know, the one you are going to tip immensely because she went to school to teach boys like you how to get a manly haircut) on what haircut will be best for your head because unfortunately we all have differently shaped heads, which means not all hair cuts look good on us.

Maybe if you are 5.


Absolutely not. 

I also find this to be an extremely accurate reading for trustworthy beards:
(Just click on the link)

I know I usually post new music and believe me I have some but I'm in the middle of making a "Greatest hardcore hits Vol.1" which will be totally epic if you like that sort of thing. So be expecting another music entry hopefully later tonight.

Do you have any dude cuts you totally wish would be banished off the face of the earth? DO TELL! by leaving a comment on this entry! :)

Also not acceptable:
Metal hair: 

Side swept bangs that hide your tears (sticks finger into mouth)
Any mixture of the two: 

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