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Monday, October 4, 2010

Things you should know monday!

- Never give up hope.
- Knowledge is key. Not every one has one, some have many. If you do, spare some cause lord knows we need more knowledge.

- Don't answer your phone in the middle of an important conversation. Say like with a doctor or financial advisor. Its bad form.
- You can't always assume that because someone is does or acts differently then what you are used to means they are wrong. 
- If we all meet at the same junction, does that mean either of us went the wrong way? 
-Anyone who gets an ungodly unnatural amount of plastic surgery is looking for the wrong attention. Why?
- Anyone who finds an unnatural amount of plastic surgery attractive is a pervert. 
- Take lots of pictures, you will wish you did later on in life.
- No one is forcing you to like what I say.
- The saying "I could careless" makes NO sense to me. If you COULD careless, then why don't you? 
- Don't post status updates about how you are slowly dying over something so trivial like a break up, UNLESS you really are dying over something so trivial, like a break up.
- You need to get over your insecurities QUICK! No body likes to be around a negative person. 
- There is always going to be someone who fits you perfectly, you just have to be willing to wait.
- The world does not revolve around religion. It revolves around a sun.
- Living in such a sad world? doesn't that get a bit exhausting? I'm getting exhausted even writing this sentence. 
- Make a list of things you wish you could have if you won the lottery. 

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