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Sunday, October 10, 2010

This place is a spiritual place

Things you should know monday- the day of days to know things.

- If you don't have a religion, but you spend a majority of your time bashing people who do. Does that make you any more different then them? How about you stick to what you know, and when I ask you your opinion then you can answer.
- Never yell at your coworker while other clients are present. Its quite embarrassing
- No pulp means No shaking.
- I am convinced people who openly talk about being raped are actually lying for attention. It's very hard for me to believe someone who can so openly speak about something so damaging in a group of strangers.
- Alternative medicine works.
- If I could want one thing, it would be to stop wanting and be content with what I have.
- Being "human" doesn't excuse you for wrongful actions. Get with the program.
- It is important to have a clean place to come home to.
- Being nice to people does actually save you from people who are normally assholes.
- It is IMPORTANT for the "asking out" business to happen. Don't let a dude assume you are going out till he actually asks you to be his girlfriend.
- Older cars are better, New cars made by Japanese people are best.
- Inviting yourself somewhere is not permissible.
- Hot sake is best.
- There should be way more options for students who want to go to school but families apparently make "too much money". I am poor. My family is poor. I would like to go to school.
- Previews to movies are liars.
- Keep memories from everywhere by keeping napkins or leafs or anything that will remind you later of how great of a time you were having.
- 73 % of woman in the prostitution industry have been raped more then 5 times.
- You can cover up small scratches in wood flooring with a walnut.
- There are 5 simple ways to know if someone is interested in you.

  1. Leaning in to you
  2. Touching you
  3. Smiling 
  4. Making eye contact
  5. Mirroring you.
- For once in your life, write in the memo part of a check "For sexual favors"
- Always use brownie mix for cupcakes.
- Just after 20 minutes of not smoking, your blood pressure returns to normal. see in "What happens to your body if you quit smoking RIGHT NOW"

Just one of the pictures I've recently posted on my flickr

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  1. Just because orange juice has no pulp does not mean it should not be shaken. It still says it on the label because during shipping and storage some sediment containing flavonoids and other vitamins will settle at the bottom. You shake it to mix all that up and have a more uniform flavor from start to finish.

  2. Thanks Anonymous fake juice drinker! I could not have gone on with out your help!