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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better off this way

I have some new tunes for you guys! I hope you will enjoy them!

Justice remixed this song, and I have to agree I like this mix better then the original.

The protomen - Keep quiet

Alright, for real guys, this band is awesome. First off there from nashville tennessee, and secondly there albums are based off of the megaman video game. I downloaded this about 3 days ago and this song has been playing non-stop on my Ipod. This song reminds me of the 80's glam rock era. I suddenly want to conquer 50 flights of stairs in under 3 minutes. 

Chiddy bangs remix of dancing with the D.J

If you know me you will know that I am a huge fan of chiddy bang. I've been listening to his stuff for quite a long time now and this was just recently released and I am really digging it.

I know you all must have noticed the new look!
I spent the night at her house because we stayed up fairly late coming up ideas for this lovely blog and my new website that was given as an early christmas gift from Don (thanks Don!). Don't you love it!? I am so lucky to have Adriana in my life, she does so much for me, more then any friend ever has and I really don't know how I could ever thank her enough for helping me out. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows entry, till then sweet dreams! 


  1. man protomen does sound like mega man inpired 80's glam metal holy crap it makes me wanan bust out my super nintendo and cheesy 80's workout clothes play and rock out breakfast club style hahaha <333.

  2. while I play mega man of course.