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Friday, November 26, 2010


I just want to make something clear, this was my first year out on black friday. I usually spend the whole day in bed recovering from the enormous amount of food I consumed the night before, but I had saved a small amount of money up just to see what the big deal is about today.

Let me tell you, people make this A BIG FUCKING DEAL. This day, to some people, is the day of all days. Literally, the night before they dine on a feast fit for kings to ready themselves for this day. People are suited up in armor and ready to fight for the shit they saw first no matter who was there first, no matter if you have children stuck in strollers, no matter if you have children at all! Thats right people! I saw someone leave there child in there car while it was running, alone.

I saw T.Vs marked down, games for free (practically) and I think the most disappointing was all the winter clothes I'll never get to enjoy were all marked down at reasonable prices.

I don't give a fuck who you are, if you make the decision to step foot outside for this adventure you better prepare yourself for long lines. Don't sigh and moan and bitch about how this one lady is taking FOREVER. Bitch please of course she is, she just did all her christmas shopping in one day!

Also, you don't own the road! It's like I needed to put on an extra bumper for my car just-in-case. You don't have the right to sit and camp till a better parking space becomes available, you have to move with on coming traffic.


Also, this isn't the day to bargain! You are already probably getting the best deal out there unless you bought it on amazon, in that case you got the better deal then us all. Also, who camps out at old navy till 5am? That's a little extreme, they have black friday deals all the time! 

I have never received the worst/best costumer service in one day ever. You know what? I expect to get bad costumer service but the good ones? I wasn't expecting that! Clearing isles for me, getting "the last one", showing me the even better deal on something that already had a great deal. This is for you hard-working-person-working-on-a-really-stressful-day

BTW thanks to you I bought:
1TB western digital external hard drive = $80
4 cute tops = $50
Speakers (for my dads computer) = $20
1 really cute dress = $20
Yeah, I really needed clothes. I've lost like 30 lbs and nothing in my closet fits me anymore. 


  1. haha I've never been out on Black Friday because I always hear horror stories about it and that it's the most chaotic day EVER. This post just confirms everything and is a nice reminder for me to never go shopping on Black Friday. haha. Hey, you got through it though and got some deals!

    p.s- congrats on losing 30lbs! :)

  2. thanks! hahaha yeah I will probably never do it again. Just wanted to see what all the fuss is about. That's about all it is, just fuss.

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  4. Hellloo! I just read your comment asking about how much my living expenses are. I was going to post it under your comment but I was worried you may not see it, so here I am. (okay, that was not needed.. haha)
    WELL, we live in a three bedroom apartment for a very reasonable price at $800 (it went up after our first year, it was originally like $750), so thats about 410 for each of us because the water bill is attached to the rent which is usually about $20. We work at the same place which is about 45 minutes away so we take turns driving and spend about $20 a week on gas. We spend about $100 every/every other week on groceries. We really don't need to go grocery shopping that often so it may be less than that.
    Our cable/internet is $90. (it just went up for some reason, but for a year it was $75). Electric is usually about $125ish. It varies from month to month.. but is rarely ever under $100.
    SOOOO, altogether our living expenses are about $1,295 :) hopefully I added that right, and I don't think I left anything out.

    I make $15.60 an hour and he makes $15, and we both work 40 hours a week. You should be totally fine even if you're making minimum wage though (working full time) as long as you just get like, a one bedroom. Well, actually I have no idea how much apartments are in your area but I doubt you'd be spending $800/month on rent like us. We have a lot of junk so needed 3 bedrooms...


  5. wow, good for you, surviving black friday. this post actually made me laugh. i especially love the traffic diagram of the asshole trying to cut in line. I HATE THAT. i also loved your photos from your thanksgiving post. you have the prettiest hair.