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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camera talk

Tid-bit tuesdays! 

First off, take the time to dance to yourself since it is almost thanksgiving! I want everyone to please take a picture of their Thanksgiving dinner and send it to Emilyisasecret@yahoo.com and tell me what your favorite part about your thanksgiving dinner was!

Also I found some really good tunes I'm really excited to share with you tomorrow but you will have to wait :( I know I want to share now too, but it's worth the wait I promise!

Lately the weather here has been phenomenal! Why aren't you outside?!

Someone asked me yesterday "My boyfriend and I's 7 month anniversary is this weekend. At first he told me "we have to do something that doesn't require money". In return I asked him "what did you have in mind" he responded with "We can go shopping" at first I thought he was going to take ME shopping, but he reassured me it was just for him. At first I felt like a bitch for thinking he was going to take me shopping only, but then I remembered he didn't want to do something that required spending money in the first place. Am I a bad girlfriend for feeling down about this? What can I do to make him understand that while I don't mind shopping for him, I still want to do something for US?" 

Well my friend, I can see how you would feel somewhat neglected. So are you wrong for feeling that way? No but you should understand that it doesn't look well on your part to think so quickly that this day should be about you, and shopping for you! Instead your first thought should be "we can go shopping together" If it was clothes he really wanted to buy then you can go with him and make a date out of it but before you leave make sure to tell him you want to spend part of the date doing something romantic. Also, make him pick out a pair of underwear for you to wear later. You probably shouldn't take the "month to month" anniversaries so seriously. Don't get me wrong they are important enough to notice, but not important enough to make such a big deal about.

Also, if you check the tags for "Tid-bits" you can see a list of things to do with almost no money.

Is a year aniversary coming up for you sometime soon? Go to a restaurant and pretend you have never met before, re-creating the whole "getting to know each other" phase that night. I've always wanted to do that! Then technically you can have a safe 1 night stand with a "pretend" stranger.

Sex position of the day! 

Lie back on your bed (or on any soft surface) with a pillow placed under your head. Bring your knees up to your breasts and cross your legs at your ankles. Your guy kneels right in front of you with his legs touching, leans in, and pulls your hips onto his angled lap. Keep your thighs glued together and gently press your feet against his chest for leverage as he slowly enters you. You can stroke his thighs as he moves back and forth with steady, ultrasnug thrusts.

Also ladies? Call of duty black OP's is officially out! 

This is a game I have been waiting to play for so long and I think once I get some money to toy with I am buying it. It is so much fun to play and your dude will totally love you for buying him the hottest game on the market. 

"Call Of Duty: Black Ops is superb," writes Nick Cowen of the UK Telegraph. "The experience of playing the game, thanks to the modified World At War engine, is comparable to the best in what the franchise has had to offer up until now. The meaty kick of the guns, the blistering pace of the action and the sterling soundtrack of explosions, gunshots and whistling bullets all serve to quicken the player's pulse and tighten their grip on the controller." as seen in this review 


A fellow blogger wrote some really good pointers about her view on marriage and I really wanted to take a moment to share with you what exactly she said.

Methods to make marriage work for you... (these are opinions and should be viewed as such)

  1. Separate comforters. Holy mama! You have NO idea how brilliant this is. No fighting over covers, no bickering due to being "cold" or always "hogging the blankets"... I bought two separate comforters, and 2 separate duvet covers. Since the DAY we got married we have NEVER shared a blanket and it's GENIUS.
  2. Don't be a parent. HEY! You married him/her right? If she wanted to be bossed around like a little kid (Put your laundry away! Clean up, blah blah) then they would go live back at home. Parents boss children around just fine, but as a spouse remember that you are a PEER. This means that if you act like a parent to your spouse you will most likely get a negative response.
  3. Be a TEAM. Make important and unimportant decisions TOGETHER. Hi-five each other! Make sure you choose your spouse OVER your friends in every situation. You want to go see that new movie? Go with your spouse (unless he/she REALLY doesn't want to see it)... take the time to make your spouse feel wanted/needed.
  4. Security. There is nothing WORSE than feeling insecure in your marriage or in a relationship. Keep your eyes where they should be, and keep your mind focused on your marriage even if it IS in a slump. Take daily steps to make sure you are secure. I am no expert in this specific topic, I have felt insecure (because I am crazy) for a long time and I blow things way out of proportion. However, my husband is my perfect match and can bring me back down to earth when I get a little over-animated. I NEED my husband and he NEEDS me. It's how it should be. We crave what we love, right?
  5. Positive words. Make sure you are saying NICE things to each other. Who cares if your jokes are dirty? If you are both on the SAME page then you will understand each other better. Just keep your words building the other person up. This will help you feel secure and happy in your marriage. Mean words and name-calling will scar you for the rest of your life. Think before you speak, really.
  6. Do NOT lie to your spouse. It will bite you in the butt, I promise. I have first hand experience. If you are in it to win it, then you are firm in the fact you want to live the REST of your life with your spouse. Yes? Right then. You need to be honest. If you REALLY want to buy something, but don't want to tell your spouse out of fear of a fight then take steps to come up with a plan. Would you RATHER do something with your girls? BE HONEST. Guys are more understanding than you think! :) Believe me!
  7. Have body confidence. This is a personal and marital goal. If you are unhappy with yourself it will rub off on your spouse. (Not saying they will be unhappy with you too, but they can sense the negativity and it's a REAL downer)... Be a confident person. Love your body, your spouse LOVES it, even when you don't. When you aren't constantly negative about yourself you will exude more confidence and beauty and it will only help boost the positivity in your marriage.
  8. Be tactfully opinionated. Yep, you will disagree. Probably on plenty of topics. However, just because he listens to music you don't like doesn't mean you should bash his music-likes. And just because she likes tacky platform shoes doesn't mean you should bash her fashion style. Just because you are married, it does not give you the right to bash each other or fight over ridiculous things. Most likely if you are married you do have a lot of things in common, but when you have been married as long as I have.... well your tastes change and sometimes you tend to like different things and that's OKAY!!! So what if he likes an ugly sports car? So what if she likes Johnny Depp?! Who cares? You love each other right? Those other things are petty in comparison to the big picture... your stronghold of love. Duh!
  9. Embrace Change! Because if you plan on being married for more than 5 years, no doubt you will change your mind on all sorts of different political, religious, fashion, tastes, etc... And it's a good idea if you COMMUNICATE so that you can both be on the same page together. Embrace change together, as you get older and have new styles and new likes or new dislikes you need your spouse to understand you and you need to understand your spouse. Marriage is a two-way street. Just because something is different, doesn't mean it's wrong. I'm not saying that ALL changes are for the good, but not everything requires a drama queen mentality.
  10. Say "I Love You" - ALL. THE. TIME. Don't hesitate. You would regret not saying it if it were the very last time, would you? Make sure the know it and BELIEVE it. Of course, actions speak louder than words so you need to make sure you are living the love as well. I love hearing the words "I love you" I LOVE THOSE WORDS. Someone really truly loves me? Yes! That's amazing.
  11. COMPROMISE. Give a little, take a little. Learn to compromise. You are both TWO different people from basically TWO different backgrounds. You grew up in different families with different traditions and you won't always have the same views on holiday traditions (ahem).... just learn to live with each other on those things. My husband NEVER celebrated holidays to a grand extent growing up, and I celebrated for a WEEK! We are complete opposites. So, I toned down my party crazy attitude, and he toned his up. We both still enjoy the holidays, and possibly enjoy them even more since we understand each other so well. It's all about a little compromise, and yes this means a bit of sacrifice from you... but love is not self-serving.

I just thought that these are good too look at even with regular relationships such as friendships or even serious relationships. Anyways, thanks so much Biscut! Your views are much appreciated!

Anyways, it has been such a pleasure writing for an audience that wants to be such great people! Please tell your friends to stop by and ask questions or just read! I love it all.

I recently opened up a formspring which you can go ahead and ask questions you would like to have answered by clicking the formspring link in the linkage area up top. See you tomorrow with some new tunes!

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  1. That sex position is FTW! I gotta try that sometime ;)