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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The collection

Dos and don'ts of your day at the beach


Look, if you have more meat on your bones, now is the time to cover it with a cute bathing suit! seriously there are tons of adorable suits just waiting for your body out there. No body wants to see someone (even if you have the body for it) in a G-string bathing suit. 
- Do bring a portable stereo. I bought an ipod small portable player that comes with me every time I go to the beach. Of course you could bring your iPod, but it's so much more fun listening to good music together and being able to have an actual conversation. 
- Bring a small cooler. They have giant ones but they are such a hassle to carry around and sort of unnecessary unless you plan on staying there the WHOLE day and you are bringing your WHOLE kitchen with you. 
- I always bring a king size blanket because I usually have between 2-3 people with me and they always seem to think that a towel will suffice for a blanket. NO! bring a giant blanket for everyone to enjoy! 
- Not that you probably don't get enough of this from your dermatologist but put on sunscreen. Being orange or overly tanned is not in this season and skin cancer is at such a high risk here in south florida. If you MUST get a tan get sunblock with a low SPF so that you are still some what covered but able to get some sun. 
- Being that I get a migraine at the drop of a hat I've learned to bring excederin with me everywhere. With that being sad, bring proper "Just incase-ies" 
- I always either bring a frisbee or a skimboard for people to partake in some sort of activity. Beach balls are what? 4 bucks at CVS? Buy it, you will not regret it. 
- Hide your droopy balls/tits.
- Shave before. My best friend always tells me the salt water doesn't mix well with her freshly shaven parts, I have no idea what she's talking about as I clearly don't notice an issue but if you are the type to be bothered, then shave a day before. 
- Dress accordingly. That means sandals, dresses, tank tops. You know? the normal? Not jeans, long sleeves, tennis shoes. 
- Don't forget your sunglasses. Being that you will be out in the sun squinting, laying, probably looking almost directly at the sun, it is fairly easy for your eyeballs to get attacked by those harmful UV-rays. 
- When I was a kid, my mom used to make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat while we were at the beach, so now every time I'm there, thats ALL I want to eat. Even though, when I was a kid, I HATED eating them at the beach (they would get all soggy and nasty (delicious)). Adriana recently told me her beach food was chicken wings. What ever the case, Bring food. 
- As you will notice you WON'T be the only one on the beach, therefor you should not only respect mother earth, but respect your surroundings by not smoking if the wind is blowing into another families direction.
- If you are getting up to walk around, or what ever, Don't be that douche bag that kicks sand in everyone else's face or blanket or anywhere other then back onto the beach. 
- Bring a giant umbrella for the kiddies. Sun damage to young kids is the WORST. I hated getting sun burnt as a kid.
- Anyone else feel totally violated when they see an old dude "snorkeling" where you and your girlfriends are swimming? 
- I am all for public sex, but come on not while there are a MILLION people around you. I am swimming in that water you gross fuck. 

Any other ideas I may have forgot? let me know by commenting! 

I got my toe-nails done thanks to Adriana (I swear she's more like a boyfriend then a best friend sometimes) I have never gotten my nails done in a facility before. My good friend Selena has done me the favor a few times, sticking my feet in my tub, scrubbing, painting, towards the end I'm sure she wanted to NEVER see my feet again ;-) anways check them out! 

Mine are the more lighter

I know you all are waiting for Adrianas pin up photos! Well I'm going to post some now but as an FYI I am STILL editing! My macbook only allows me so much editing (I need a macbook pro) 

I hope you enjoy them! I had a great time taking them, Adriana is such a natural! She made it so easy! 

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