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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't you wish your girlfriend...

My brother and his girlfriend Hannah both went to a minus the bear concert in Orlando Fl. Hannah had me do her hair before the show. Here are befores and afters.

If you told me I was going to be shopping all thanksgiving weekend I wouldeve laughed in your face. Usually because it's very unlike me to "shop". I hate it. I hate trying stuff on. I hate looking for things to put together. I just hate it. If I tell you "I'm going shopping" that means "I am stepping into this store, racing through the isles and if I just so happen to come across something I like, I may buy it. When I am done, You better be done too OR ELSE"

My mom used to take my brother and I to the thrift stores in hialeah flamingo plaza. Its basically the shopping mall of thrift stores. When I told Adriana I was going, she wanted to tag along with megan, matt and I. First, we had to pay a visit to Valerie, my hairstylist. She was working today and megan beiber needed a hair trim.

Adriana and I went to the payless near by to try on some black heels. Yum

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Mrs.Valerie herself, Call High dimension salon!

First off I want to know why people don't smile? If you come to talk to me, smile! at least pretend that you are enjoying my company. If you don't then you are a total creep! this goes with everyday life! Don't just walk into a salon and stand in the back like a weirdo! Talk! Smile! If you act like a weirdo, it makes me want to dive for that button that all the cash registers have to alert the police silently. 

 Matthew found a bin full of vintage Sun glasses but most of them were prescription glasses. It was funny to see his reaction when he put them on.

I forgot how much I missed megan. I miss her a lot. 

These were definetly my favorite find for Matt!  

 So if you must know something about me personally, I love anything having to do with owls. So yes, I bought this.

Something about the thriftstore makes me think of EVERYONES smell in one place. I could swear the mens/hombre/homme section smelt like all the old colonges mixed together, but for some reason I kept thinking "Maybe thats what my mind wants me to think"

Anyways. I came home with these: 

Anyways thanks for looking/lurking! Have you ever found anything amazing at a store or just sitting on the street? Let me know about it by posting a comment. 

Also, stay tuned for mondays "Things you should know"
And a video of Megan talking about some PRETTY personal things coming next week.

much love guys! 

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  1. I love it! I'm putting a link to this on my blog :)