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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I always thought it was cool how they pressurized.

I read this online a few seconds ago:

"Dear Diary:
I’m in a battle with my best friend for a boy, for one night. And she won, because shes ten times thinner, ten times prettier and more interesting than me. I left the party and walked home. I didn’t look back either. My mother is considering sending me to a thirty day facility for troubled teens."

I remember when I was younger, most of my friends were prettier then me, and came across a few times where some even stole some boyfriends/crushes from me. Its just a part of life dude.

Look I'm not perfect, no where near it. I have meat on my bones, I bite off more then I can chew and in a group of 10 females I could bet that I wouldn't be someones first choice but I fucking LOVE me! I do!

- If a friend is going to "fight" you over a guy then that person isn't a friend.
- Don't be so melodramatic about that type of situation. Then everyones going to know you are the melodramatic girl and trust me, you DON'T want to be that girl.

My advice to you? Drop the friend, and the dude. Nobody wants to be with someone who saw you as second best. You deserve to be first! the best! the one that everyone wishes they didn't lose.

Also, "the walking dead" new series has made me immensely happy after a week of hell.

It's on AMC at 10:00pm its based off of a comic novel and well, You all know how much I love zombies.

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  1. Edwin's addicted to the Walking Dead. I like it too although my heart rate and blood pressure go up every time I watch it... I never new a TV show could cause physical distress.