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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its a party!

No really, fucking dance to this right now!

Oh man! this song was making me dance like a dirty white girl in my car!

I have one question though. When did guys all of a sudden chop their balls off? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A MAN! you have a fucking penis for shit sake! Don't stare at me like a fucking child molester in the corner, that makes you totally awkward! at least say "hello" I see what you did there trying to buss the tables closest to me while I'm stuffing my face with chicken wangs (yeah, I said wangs, so what!?). You can say "hello." Jesus I wont eat you, I'm already satisfying myself with chicken wings! can't you see?!

No but really, I see this all the time and it's so frustrating! wow the worst thing I could do is, really nothing because I'm not the type of person to do something caddy and in most cases girls will "try" and be nice to you even if they aren't interested. Don't just stand there looking like a fucking ninja, it's weird! Also it makes you look like a giant pussy. Don't you know girls can read minds?! well we can!

Now you know! so next time you see a cool girl, especially when you have already so much to talk about, at LEAST say "hello". Unless you really are a child molester or a ninja, then you can take your creepiness else where. Bring back meeting someone in real life, PLEASE!

Justin Beiber time!

What? come on, he makes me want to learn his dance moves! don't hate! 

Iron and wine is playing at the jackie gleason next week, who's down to go and cry like a big baby over Samuel Beam? 

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