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Monday, November 1, 2010

No shave november

Welcome back to a new edition of "Things you should know but for some reason don't and then act like you do" Monday :)

- Don't wear socks with sandals, they make you look like a lazy butt and a bum.
- You should learn to knock before entering.
- Don't be the dude that realizes what he lost like a month after losing it.
- If someone's being courteous to your surroundings like opening a door for you, the proper way to acknowledge this act of kindness is to say "Thank you" NOT completely ignore them.
- I have decided that an iPad is a pretentious piece of equipment, which means if you own one, you are also pretentious.
- You get paid for your crap photography, isn't necessarily something you should be proud of.
- Don't be that person that refuses to help someone that has wronged them when you have wronged so many people yourself.
- Even if something clearly isn't your fault, you should still apologize.
- I think long distance relationships can work if both parties are in it to win it.
- Just because I am pacing your store doesn't I am going to steal something.
- How come when I make a joke, I am automatically called a racist, but you can call me cracker, that I like to explore weird shit in my white voice and you are just normal for doing that?
- I think it's about time we get over the "trials and tribulation" period, it happened like way before you were born so you've had more then enough time to build a bridge and get over it.
- If "God hates gays" then why would he continue to create them?
- How about you have 2 arms and 2 legs and you can do everything yourself? I am helping you because I CHOOSE to, not because you tell me to.
- You are a wonderful person no matter what any hurtful person says.
- Do not be the person that brings your personal life to work.
- If you somehow come into contact with a rabid animal the FIRST thing you should do is catch the animal to avoid unnecessary painful testing.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

- Marriage is not another form of a relationship, it's a partnership forever. Don't forget that. 
- Sperm can impregnate you 3 days after intercourse 

Submitted halloween costumes! 
My friend nicole! 

adventure time!

wheres waldo and a mexican

zombie kisses

the joker and harley quinn

wheres waldo and a tranny. 

someone from the 70's and a hot cop


Jason was dexter and his girlfriend was HOT

This year everyone was so creative! I love it! Just an f.y.i No shave november starts today! I wanna see pictures of your growing beards! How was your halloween? Did you have an awesome costume you would like me to post? send a comment my way and I will! 

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