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Monday, November 8, 2010

We are in the town hall

Welcome back to another edition of "Things you should know but don't because you are too big headed to realize you are wrong, Monday" :)

- I know everyone says "read the fine print" and we usually never do, but when it comes to a warranty, we probably should because there is no point to paying an extra thousand dollars for a warranty that only covers if an alligator decides to eat your tires.
- This universe doesn't gravitate around you, so stop acting like it does.
- Just because you were told abortion is wrong doesn't mean everyone is doing it for the wrong reasons.
- If you are constantly finding new hobbies and are never satisfied with one or a few, then you need to realize you aren't capable of having a hobby. "New toy" syndrome is an expensive disease, you want something and once you have it, it isn't fun anymore.
- Just because you are good looking doesn't mean you can shoot a smile my way and I will with out a doubt accept. Thanks for the free bagel though!
- I may be young but at least I'm not young, dumb and full of cum.
- It is a bad idea to openly express how you have split personalities.
- You should be able to decipher the difference between a coworker and a friend and never cross the line.
- I know you always feel like you should get paid for doing your services but sometimes you have to give people a break.
- It is NEVER okay to judge someone based on the decisions they are about to make/are making. You aren't God or a judge so just don't.
- Unless you are God, then you DON'T know everything about everything.
- Red flag #1: If you are dating someone who is NEVER content with what they have, they are most likely not going to stay content in there relationship.
- Tastefully done nudes are ftw.
- Not tastefully done nudes are not ftw.
- After sending nudes to your lover, make sure to delete them right after. Nobody wants to accidently come across that shit.
- Do me a favor, every time you are about to leave your house, make sure you tell yourself "this is what I'm going to be wearing on national television" If you really like what you are wearing then chances are you will continue on your way. If you don't then you should change, quick.
- Just so you know, I really hate seeing your status updates about how you are so sad about a breakup every hour or so. Nobody cares! I mean, I care but I only need to hear it once! so stop.

Yesterday, after a much needed nap, I took hannah, Matthew and Ollie to the park near by to take some pictures and let ollie frolic around.

My good friend Adriana is working on some new things for this blog so hold tight if you see some changes. Also, I am going a head and succumbing to creating a formspring which can be found by clicking the link below. 

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