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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wonder if jake jake can't handle that...

Guess what you should do? Take some sexy photos for your boyfriend. What kind? 

These kind: 

 How not to be sexy?
If you are thinking about taking a sexy photo for the one you love, hit me up! I love doing them!

You know what would be a good idea? to make a video game on how to fuck really well. Just like all the new dance ones they are coming out with? Come on! that would make a lot of money! 

Hey guess what? 
The ever-elusive G-spot actually has a biological basis. It’s a slightly raised, 1cm patch along the vagina’s front wall that’s cellularly unique. According to Women’s Bodies: A User’s Manual by Kerry Rogers (Two Dogs) these cells are in fact similarly structured to those in the male prostate gland. When stimulated, the blood vessels and tissue in the spot swell, doubling in size. If you’re not aroused, stroking this area can feel like you have a full bladder, but if it’s touched correctly, it can be the source of the va-va-voom vaginal orgasm. If your man is grappling with your G-spot, experts at the Kinsey Institute say that pressing on the woman’s lower abdomen while seeking this precious point may make it easier to locate.

The word “clitoris” is derived from the Greek word for “little hill”. But this deceptively small bump contains 8 000 nerve endings and can swell to the size of a marble when you’re turned on. Plus, the clitoris gives the penis a run for its money, because these two structures develop from the same batch of foetal cells.

- The smallest penis in the world was 1cm long so all that worry about having a small penis is pointless! Embrace your dick! seriously! More people who enjoy there bodies are going to experience sex at a much more pleasurable level. Also the penis, while it is not erect at an average is only 3.5 inches. The average penis size while erect is only 5.1 inches. Women like dudes who love their cock! So love it! love it everyday (I already know you do ;-) 

Ladies! video yourself dancing all cute in your underwear and send it to your boyfriends phone. It will be totally cute!

What is something you have done that is special/sexy for someone? 

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