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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today I had a photo shoot for Heather Hannon who is the person in THIS video. I was lucky enough to have such great people to work with like Shannon (Female model) + Blake Everingham (Art director), Stacy Rodriguez (The fantastic make-up artist!) and the rest of Heathers lovely entourage. After a 10 hour shoot my legs were ready to give out, we finally finished. It was so much fun seeing all the outfits Heather had picked out. I told myself I wouldn't touch my pictures until tomorrow just to give myself a mental break, but I couldn't help but edit at least one.. >.

Expect more possibly tomorrow and next week for sure.

MazProject was up till the wee hours last night working on my website which is still currently under construction HOWEVER, My actual logo is now at the header of this blog! IS'NT IT AMAZING!? I HAD DREAMS ABOUT IT! there is so much more to come! also expect a new look for the blog and a fully functional website for Emilyisasecret.com by next week as well.

Guess who's printing business cards? THIS GUY (points to self) I am so excited to finally have some!

Friend christmas is this tuesday. Oh you don't know what friend christmas is? Figures, It was made up a like a century ago by the original "THESE GUYS" It will be at Adrianas house, if you want to come along just let me know. We will me having a spanish Christmas dinner! Also expect pictures to follow that Tuesday as well.

Anyways it was quite the busy week so far. Justin keeps telling me "this is the busiest month we've ever had" and it really is which is great! <3 

catch ya later. 

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