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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do you remember?


Okay, so you've been faced with fighting with someone you either really care about or you really hate (because if it was someone that meant nothing then the argument wouldn't matter) I should tell you now that whether the argument be big or small it should definitely be settled. Unsolved arguments are the worst! There is a way to be the better person in this, and if you follow these steps you will ALWAYS win. Before you go and start this whole dual to the deaths, ask yourself if it is really worth putting a downer on a day because sometimes arguments take time to settle and time means difficult time in between settlement. 

1. Talk. No I really mean it. Talk. Don't yell. Talk. Explain what is bothering you.
2. Listen. It just takes a few seconds and it doesn't mean that you are backing down, it just means that you are giving the other person the time to explain themselves.
3. Don't interrupt. Let the person say what they may say, you might be surprised.
4. List the reasons as to why you are feeling the way you are feeling. If you are the type of person who quickly forgets what they are arguing about, write it down. I always forget in the middle of an argument what my valid points are for arguing so sometimes I write it down to refer back to it.
5. Understand where the other person is coming from. It just takes a few seconds to let your guard down and understand what this person is feeling at the time.
6. Apologize! even if you know it isn't your fault. Just apologize. Through some ones eyes you are at fault and because of that there was some miscommunication or something through your part, and that deserves and apology.

There really is no reason for arguing unless you aren't being heard the first few times and with that being said you must question yourself whether this is important enough to ruin a day or two. You also need to ask yourself if it is worth arguing with someone who doesn't listen in the first place.


raise your voice
raise your hand or hit someone
curse or call some one names
bring a previous argument into play

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