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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't pick it up

of shopping for the holiday!

- Don't expect that if you are last  minute shopping you are going to get the special care and service from any department store worker.

- Do shop months in advance.

- Do shop early on the week days. Traffic, parking and people will be much nicer.

- Do visit the online store first before going in to the actual store. Visualize what you are going there for, it will save you time and money.

- Do NOT bring your children shopping with you. If possible, do all your shopping alone. Having more people there takes up more time and effort and during any holiday nobody wants to be in a store more then 15 minutes.

- Don't be afraid to ask what people want for the holiday. The older we get the more depressing it gets to get something we will never use and know that that money could've been spent on something else. 

- If you are a forgetful person, make a note of when someone says "this item is so awesome" 

- If you are going shopping anytime after 4pm during the holidays, prep yourself for patience.

- Don't have your children pick out what they want for christmas or their birthday.  That totally ruins the holiday and now that kid knows you will get them what ever they want which in returns, spoils the child and spoiled children are the worst. 

- Do most of your shopping online. The internet has a huge variety of things you can get and chances are its cheaper. 

- Do your shipping off of gifts 7 days before any holiday. Ground shipping is usually 2-3 days but to play it safe always send before. Also, try to be there on a week day early as well. 

- Do wrap individual gifts. Everyone loves ripping open presents, even if its just a pencil. 

- Start saving way in advance for the holiday. I have my own "gift" jar and basket. Through out the year if something is on sale I buy it and stick it in the basket and I put any left over cash in a jar. You wont feel the bite of gift buying because you have some money to spend.

- Do try and steer away from gift cards unless someone asked for them specifically. 

- If you are still unsure about what to get someone as a gift, many of the websites today have gift idea links that give you an idea of what all the people are buying today. 

Is there anything you think someone should know about shopping for the holiday? Don't be afraid to state what you know as a comment! 

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