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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dos and Don'ts for guests

Dos and Don'ts of house being a house guest..

- Do bring enough clothes for more then the amount of days you will be there. If you don't that makes you sorta gross because you are wearing the same thing twice, and that is a no bueno.
- Tooth brush, bring it. I know we have been friends forever but that doesn't mean I want your gingivitis. I love you but I'm not IN love with you.
- Even if you are the guest, still think of some activities you would like to do. Even if it is just catching a movie, at least it makes you feel like you have more things to do.
- Don't invite other friends over. You don't own this house.
- Do flush the toilet. I am not sure how things go down around your house but that whole "if its its yellow, let is mellow. If its brown, flush it down" junk doesn't work around here.
- If you are that close with the person you are staying with you really don't need to bring shampoo and conditioner, but to play it safe, do it anyways.
- Take pictures.
- Wash your (and everyone else's) dishes.
- Make your bed after you have slept in it, keep your area clean and tidy.
- Offer to pay for dinner or lunch.
- If you are like me, you MUST sleep naked or you will NOT sleep, Make sure there is a lock on the door (Hey, look at least I am honest)
- Don't eat all the food.

- Do actually shower. It shows you are a clean person.

- Play friendly with pets. If you don't like animals, you are weird and we don't need to be friends anymore.
- Always leave a little something like a thank you card or basket of goodies.

I realize I posted a lot of cat pictures but yesterday was "CATURDAY" and these pictures are the cute-z

Also, here are 5 things I am loving this week:

1. Pictures of friends in far away places of snow/snowing.
Thanks sam
2. Hard wood flooring.
3. Cool weather in South florida (Please don't leave, in fact if you could get cooler? maybe? perhaps?)
4. Telepathy developed through years and years of friendship.
5. Road trips with good music. 

What are 5 things you are loving this week? Shoot me a comment and let me know! 

Coming soon:
1. Video of megan
2. Semi-naked shoot
3. Ollie entry
4. Christmas mixtape for December! :) ! 


  1. I have another tip for being a guest.

    If the person's house your staying at has a certain way of doing something, follow their lead... Even if you wouldn't do it at your house. This is there house and their rules! For instance if after dinner they wash there dishes off and put then in the dish washer, do the same! Or if they take their shoes of at the entry way, do the same!