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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good bye...

Goodbye 2010..

Man this is going to take some getting used to. Having to write "2011" on everything, but its good because 2010 is so... 2010..

Milestones for Emily in 2010:

I STARTED YOU! I shouldeve done it to long ago. For so long I have had friends coming to me for advice, telling me to just start a book. Well here's a start society!

I finally got the right equipment to get even better at my photography. On may 4th all of the people I know and love pitched in to get me the camera that has now been my other passion to blogging and Ollie (my Dane) If you are reading this, and you helped out, just know you helped a girl get that much closer to her dream.

My website was launched. Thanks to mazProject for her lovely designs and great designer brain my website is coming along amazingly. Also a special thanks to Don for letting me make a domain!

I did my first high fashion shoot!  :)

My photos were  used in an online magazine

Milestones for 2011?

Moving to Nashville for school

Upgrading my photography equipment.

Build more clientele in Nashville for photography

New for emilyisasecret.com?

More videos! Yes! we have more videos coming along with many more lovely people like you and I.

More photos! wedding/engagement/children/pin-up!

More teachings! so please continue reading for the things you should know and learn!

It was a pleasure getting to know you this year folks, See ya next year ;-)

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