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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He's so soft...

Of boudoir photography...

As I was surfing the net for some inspiration for a couple of shoots I have coming up and while I saw some good shots, the majority were vomit. So if you are thinking of doing a boudoir shot sometime soon, it is best to review the dos and don'ts I have lined up for you today. 

If for some odd reason you are feeling the need to do a photoshoot with your sisters or best friends (why? I have not a clue) Don't do this. This whole thing screams trashy and just wrong.

If you clearly wanted to have a skinny model for a photo shoot then you should've hired a skinny model for the shoot, not liquidate her till she looks like she has a penis. Her rib cage is clearly much larger then the rest of her body and had I not seen the other horribly done pictures of her later on in the shoot, My first thought would've been "she's a man"

Clearly you can see how warped her necklace is. Poor use of photoshop 

DO! DO! DO! omg! seriously always buy matching undies and don't be afraid to hide some of your skin! It makes you sexy! also this angel and position for the model is great. 

As a Photographer you never want the background to have so much going on that it takes away from the model. You also don't want your background to resemble your model. Trashy, broken, and cheap.

Most of the time you don't need to do much more then be natural. This is sexy! 

This is not very natural. It looks like she's really hungry and possibly has a lazy eye? A good idea is to practice faces in the mirror before your shoot.

If not, your pictures could end up like this... -__- fuckin duckface... 

Where the fuck is her chin!? you cant blend in someone's skin to the point it looks obvious that its NOT ACTUALLY HER SKIN. Jesus.. fucking amateurs.. 

Do I consider myself a professional? Maybe, but I definitely need work because I am always learning but I am 100% positive I know what tasteful photography is. 


  1. Yes... ditto Justin!... the duckface is just WRONG... I do it sometimes just to piss my husband off... lmfao.. :) The first pic just amazes me hhahhahahaha
    -Melissa from www.trashybetty.com