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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Im jeff frankle.

Currently at Adrianas house for "FRIEND CHRISTMAS"

whats friend christmas? because everyone usually goes away for christmas, or is spending the special time with there family we always make a special date for the best friends before christmas to hand out there gifts. 

anyways, while Adrianas making dessert I'm taking a quick moment to do todays entry! 

SEX MIX TAPE! no for real though, you should take the time to make a sex mix tape to help you with your love making. Not saying it isn't already its own great soundtrack but sometimes with music, it gets even MORE interesting. You end up feeling like you have more muscles to go with the music.

Oh you don't have any ideas about what type of music to use? 

That is just fine. Every one says marvin gaye is the king of love making tunes but I really beg to differ. There is so much more greater music out there! 

As long as its slow and sensual, or even has a hard beat to it, that could work too! 

A perfect circle - the hollow

Deftones - Change 

Beck and Bat for lashes - lets get lost 

Duran duran - save a prayer 

So go be merry and fuck a lot... :)

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