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Monday, December 20, 2010

Its like my favorite drug...

Welcome back to another "Things you should know Monday but are still suck in sunday mode.."

- Why isn't it okay to have a pink christmas tree?

- I know smoke inhalation is bad but bonfire smoke smells delicious.

- Never think you can take on a problem all by yourself. Especially when it includes someone else. You aren't alone! You have many (or some) friends!

- An unsolved small miniscule problem can grow up to be a very big nasty bitch, so get it fixed the sooner the better.

- Everything happens for a reason but we never find out what that reason is till a new chapter begins.

- I used to think phone sex was just plain stupid and silly but it's just like role playing sexually with out the caution of getting an STD or the possibility of getting pregnant. AND! you can't have it posted all over the internet because you aren't  recording yourselves.

- According to my dad, the Lord of the rings trilogy is life's greatest lesson compacted into 3 movies. In other words, watch it and learn.

- A real artist never likes their final product.

- Any gift is better then no gift so get your crafty hands together and start making cards and home made goodies.

- Sad but true, you only know what you've lost when its gone.

- Everyone has a story they are dying to tell.

- If you have ever attempted to give a hitch hiker a ride, and lived to tell the tale, I am here to tell you YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON! don't! what is wrong with you!? Don't tell me he looked like a "nice" guy OF COURSE HE DOES! NO ONE PICKS UP A NOT NICE GUY! jesus...

- It is important to give a loved one the time to miss you.

- Dad always says "You always get what you want" but he doesn't mean it in a snobby way. I just work really hard for the things i've got. So if there is something you want, You just have to work hard to get it.

- It is probably a good idea to invest in something that has a huge following.

- Anyone else imagine weird creatures coming out of the corners of there room. I do.. it makes things interesting.

- What do you buy someone who majored in Greek Mythology?

- If you leave your baby or pet in a parked locked car, I don't care if it's running or not, I WILL break your fucking window and then I WILL break your face.

- I've come to the conclusion that as a society we have grown accustom to a fast paced life style with fast food, fast cars and super speed internet. Which explains why we have no tolerance for news that has been in the news for 3 days. That is so wrong! Know your politics! Know your News!

- Just because someone told you to always have an answer for everything doesn't mean you are always right.

- Don't be the guy that gives advice when his profession clearly has nothing to do with said advice.

Last night I went to a bon fire with Simon. I haden't seen him in a bit so I was happy to go, we had some catching up to do. The weather in florida has been very nice and cool, it does well with my skin :).

I have also been editing some pictures from the shoot... so you don't think I've been totally sitting on my butt!

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