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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Learning process

Last night was friend christmas

We made empanadas for dinner because we knew that everyone for christmas was going to be eating a typical christmas dinner for christmas so we wanted to make things a little different. Adriana got me an awesome octopus necklace, some glass jars and 4 gigs of RAM for my laptop! editing is now a breeze for me! Alex got me a starbucks gift card which is great because thanks to megan I am addicted to coffee. 

I am so happy this christmas! 

I had to drive all the way to hollywood to drop megan off and decided to crash at her house and leave in the morning. I had to meet up with my aunt and ended up finding out my cousin Peter was flying in today from the army: 

I can't wait for christmas eve! the WHOLE family will be together! 

When I got home, I received my present from Justin! which I am not allowed to open till christmas :( 

Is that not the coolest pen you have ever seen??!?! AHH!

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