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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look at that little bunny!

My best friend Marlene was in town this weekend. Before she got into Miami she had told me how she wanted to go "exploring" to find the condo complex where the t.v show actor "dexter" lives. Well, we found it. I was so excited like some little teenager going to see her favorite muscian and there was no chance in hell we would bump into Michael C. Hall  because they no longer shoot here in Miami, but in a studio in Cali. Either way it was still exciting. 

Natural paparazzi!

We weren't allowed into the actual complex. Marlene was the only one brave enough to venture and sneek in but she was then over run by some old half naked dude in the pool. 

After that we went to Tates comic book store I hadn't been there in quite some time and I needed some stocking stuffers.

We then had some cuban food since Marlene was craving it. We ate at a little hole in the wall by my jo called Havana Spice. They have really good cuban cuisine and since the weather was so nice outside we ate outside. 

Food was great. I am so exhausted. <3 

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