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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry christmas

Am I the first to say I am actually glad christmas is over? I hope its not as draining next year lol. It was the first year in many years the whole family was together and that was possibly the greatest gift of all! I will have to post tomorrow of all the lovely gifts I got. 

For now I just have a picture post..

So for christmas my cousins and I had this awesome idea for my aunt to get her some new family photos of her as the last one she has of them was back in 1992, and yes it's as bad as it sounds.

So we decided to recreate the old picture and then take some new ones

YES the old picture looks EXACTLY like this lol..

My cousin peter hates to have his picture taken, he would rather look like a goose.

If there were ever a face I remember of peter it is this EXACT one when we were kids, It is amazing he still can make it lol..

Jenise and Paul

Thanks to a 24 hour Walgreens I was able to print out the pictures in an hour and put them into a collage frame and wrap 1 up for my Aunt, Jenise and David (the guy in green). 

It was literally the best christmas ever. 

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