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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Put it all together.

This weekend I'm spending it with Megan at her apartment here in Las Olas Ft.lauderdale. 

Beerfest was going on but I didn't really partake. She lives real close to revolution, the club where most of the bands I listen to play live. 

This old couple was dancing! so romantic! 

Oh yeah fellas.. she's a winner! Look at that hair! 

She was a little startled.. 

This is Ashley, she was SO nice! Her shot she made I'm sure made me puke but she was still nice. YAY for people with nice smiles!

Yes this dude has a handle bar mustache, Yes he was playing house of the dead. 

Some really annoying guy that wants megans justin beibers hair.

This dude was carrying a martini like a total girl around the whole bar claiming it was for his wife, but he had no ring on his finger. WIIIEEERRDOOO

This is Megan's girlfriend Nicole! She paid for dinner and my drunkenness.. It was awesome of her.


This is Chery! she and her husband (Mike) come here a few nights out of the week and are some of the most amazing people i've ever met! THEY HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 25 YEARS! high five Chery!

DOLFIN FINGERS! I haven't had some since I was a kid, They make my heart melt. 

We snuck into the Ritz Carlton (I'm not sure if you are allowed to do that, I always imagine it to be security locked down and you need a card to get to every place) We really wanted to get to the roof top, but it was locked, so we went to the pool on the 8th floor. It was so pretty! megan says this shot looks like it should be on a post card. I could barely breath, I felt like the air was too rich for me to be breathing so we hurried out of there before someone told us to leave. 

Then we went back to my house because I forgot my charger and hard drive with all the seasons of Dexter on it. We are having a dexter marathon tonight seeing as I've only gotten up to season 3. Don't hate! I have all this mystery to find out and you don't cause you are too impatient! I also missed Ollie way too much. I am going to have to do an entry on ollie strictly. He pretty much is my child, for good reason too. 

Anyways, we have some catching up to do! I have an entry coming with a video on megan, some Dos and Don'ts, and possibly more pictures. woot! 

Comment please and if you have any questions about anything, photography, love, sex or just want to leave hate mail because you have nothing better to do go ahead and 

or you can comment, which ever is better. Much love! <3 

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