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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sorry for being.

How about that Victoria secret show?
What a way to make you feel the most insecure during the holidays! Who cares though right? those girls are hot!

I also, over the last day or so, met up with my cousin Paul Snyder to take some action shots for his Comp cards. We didn't get too many due to his board breaking after the second shoot. No bueno.

Next paycheck I am investing in some lighting. I'm pretty excited.

Now back to the more Important things. YOU GUYS!

"I still don't understand this thing you call "the game" please explain it to me"

Well to do that would take me my whole life! It's a pretty hard thing to understand because of the many different personalities there are. You can start by understanding yourself and how you work with showing how YOU feel for someone you have feelings for. I know that may not help because by thinking that you still wonder "whats the deal?? I don't act like that." Before I go ahead and just start telling you how to see the signs and do the do's you have to get yourself under control.

Okay, so there is a girl/guy you like and he/she may like you but we are unsure. Here is one thing to look for "ATTENTION" this means the person you like is actively writing you back, actively making conversation with you, showing that you have some of her/his attention. When it becomes difficult is deciphering whether that is "hey I like you" attention or "hey you are just interesting to me so i guess ill keep you around" which is hard because both of them can be very similar. but the latter is always missing one key ingredient "the tug and pull" effect (I like to call it) where if you make conversation, they make conversation back, always leaving an open for more communication. and its usually enthusiastic conversations/ where the other person is actually interested in what you have to say. example:
See how we are both engaging in conversation and we both seem interested? 

see how he could care less what I have to say?

communication is key in any relationship. If you don't have it your relationship is due for failure. no really, it really is. You can't live with someone you know nothing about, just like you can't start a relationship with out having someone who is truly interested in you.

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