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Thursday, December 30, 2010

That was the life changing event...

Yeah, this really happened. So stop masturbating so much damn it! take a fucking chill pill! Your dick will be there tomorrow, I promise. 

Michael asks "How come girls get comfortable after a while of dating? I feel like they lose there spunk after that" 

Not sure Michael. That's just what happens in a relationship. There are ways to keep things interesting by trying new things with each other. It then gives a new meaning to a new day with each other. Shouldn't we want to feel comfortable? 

Upon reading online I came across "Things women wish men knew" I had some I disagreed with... 

- We like to be kissed on the first date. Nope, sorry, who ever wrote this is retarded. Some guys get all touchy feel-y, and sometimes that's a total turn off and sometimes scary. So to be safe, always ask first.

- It's really not a big deal if you pull out chairs or open doors for us. WHHHAAATT? who the fuck wrote this? I would very much like for a man to open the door for me at least on the first few dates until I am done enjoying it. 

- You don't always have to pay. No, you don't, but it would be nice! At least the first few times, Jesus. 

- Saying you'd call and not really calling. Yeah this is also something you should work on. It takes like what? 2 seconds to text now "I will call you tomorrow" will suffice. 

- You don't have to wait till the 3rd date to call us. I don't really know a single guy that follows this, which is good because I am not waiting 3 days for you to make up your mind. 

- It's okay for you to leave your tooth brush and deodorant at are place. Yeah, it is okay. I would rather kiss clean morning mouth then dirty morning mouth. 

- When a girl says "I don't like flowers" Ignore it like she said "I just farted" 

- We don't care how much money you make just love us. 


- The toilet seat thing really doesn't matter. No, I guess not if you like sitting and almost falling into the toilet on a dirty piss ring. What girl wrote these things down!?

- We are terrified of meeting your mother. Not really terrified, maybe a little worried. 

Just sayin boxer briefs are sexier. They make you look like you have a huge package and don't you like knowing you balls aren't dragging due to hot moist weather? I do. I also want to "do" you. 

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