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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wheres your head at?

Here are some pictures of what I received for christmas! 

 An owl mitten for the kitchen from Justin. An owl Pen holder and wallet from Megan.

An owl apron from Justin (it was a set with the mitten) 

An owl and whale photo print from Marlene. An owl camera case from my dad. 

Cherry blossom body spray from Juan. Moon lit path body spray from my dad. Alien by Thierry Mugler (I've been wanting this perfume for like... ever) from Justin

An awesome clock ball necklace all the way from hong kong from my Brother.

Octopus necklace from adriana

Glass jars (another love of mine) from Adriana

Owl ornament from my dad and spider bracelet from my cousin David.

Silver spoon ring from Justin

A new TB external hard drive.

Also not pictured:
4 GIGs of RAM from Adriana (my computer flies now from my previous 1 gig) 
300 dollars in gift cards
20 dollar gift card for Starbucks from Alex 
4 tank tops from my aunt and cousin
an Abercrombie and fitch purse
a small fan 
more vintage dinnerware from my aunt (<3) 
a duck shower cap from megan (wtf?? lol) 
a LONG love letter from justin
a cute leather fishy coin purse from Don
a planner (which was much needed) 
A new macbook charger that needs to be sent back because it sounds like its about to catch on fire.
and an owl necklace that is still on its way here from Hannah banana 

I also want you guys to check out Kelseys blog.. 

I have probably the hardest time putting outfits together, especially since marlene left. Now every time Kelsey does a fashion post I just about shit myself from all the ideas that come to mind. She not only puts the whole outfit together she tells you where you can buy everything. I keep telling her to do more of these but thats because I am selfish. lol. Keep up the good work girl! 

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  1. Woah, you got some awesome stuff! Thanks so much for featuring me here. I'm glad you enjoy my fashion picks because I love putting them together. Happy holidays <3