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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who says?

One of my fellow bloggers posted a valid entry a few days ago and it really caught my eye. 

Heathers blog is also a pretty informational blog, she posts recipes and "things you should wear" outfit posts ;-) her blog is one of the few blogs that talk about daily things that I enjoy reading. 

She has been engaged for over a year now, what prompt her to do the entry I have no a clue but she asked very valid questions that I also want my fellow reasons to answer! 

Who says you need to spend money to love someone?
Does spending a ridiculous amount of money guarantee long/forever love and happiness?
What is your version of a dream wedding? No limits, you can get anything you want!

The first question is an amazing question. I think it even makes more sense now that its so close to Christmas and for me, it just doesn't feel like Christmas this year. I feel like its just a cram of people scrambling to get there stuff before an expected date. Not to sound silly but, I saw the recent family guy episode on hulu.com and the episode was about how Santa clause was being drained by the enormous amount of wants from children and at the end Stewie and Brian end up getting everyone to just ask for 1 present this year to save Christmas. It is even so much harder when you want so bad to give the ones you love everything they ever asked for through out the year yet don't have the funds for it at all. 

Her entry wasn't about Christmas though, it was about her version of how a wedding should be in her own eyes. but does spending a bunch of money mean that you will both be together for ever? I see those wedding shows all the time and all I can think is "she spent that much money on a dress?! that's a down payment for the house they could live in for the rest of there life!" Mom always told me when I was little "It will either be a small wedding or you will have one really nice honey moon, you can only choose one" (I know I was little and thinking about prince charming... I am such a girl) at first I resented her for giving me limitations on my one day to feel on top of the world, but as I got older I realized that I could care less if I had either as long as I had the one person that would never hurt me.

Anyways, sorry to get so sentimental on you but Heather has a good point and you should definitely read her blog if you like what you see. I know have, and I will continue reading in the future.


  1. *Who says you need to spend money to love someone?
    -no one says it. but some ppl like to go all out for only about 4-5 hours.

    *Does spending a ridiculous amount of money guarantee long/forever love and happiness?
    -absolutely not. money cant create love. in the end the only thing of value in a marriage is the love, commitment, devotion, communication and effort you have toward one another to make it through.

    *What is your version of a dream wedding?
    Im guilty of always looking at wedding stuff. what ring would i want to get, what dress do i want to wear, how will my hair look like?... but as far as the details as far as the venue, the table tops, the lighting, i ant really answer that because i dont really know. All i really know is I want it to be simple, warm, elegant and full of love. i dont need 200 people. if it was just mine and my future husbands immediate family and extremely close friends, that would b enough. (in my case that would b a total of about 10-15 ppl?) Anyway.. i dont need a show, or glamour. I just want it to be well put together with a practical budget (ill make my own center pieces if i have to) its not about the wedding, im inviting you to witness the love i have for my future husband and that is it.

  2. Aww I love this, thanks Emily :)
    but behind on posting just now, but should have some new stuff up this weekend!